Some countries are emerging from lockdown and many naturalistas have been eagerly awaiting the day for the salon doors to reopen so we can enter the season with a new fresh cut and shrug off our lockdown blues. It is finally time to unleash the curls and say hello to summer. Whether you’re needing a trim, a new shape, or updated look, we can all agree that there is no better feeling than having a fresh cut to give life back to your curls.

With all the emerging new trends you may be wondering what to do with your curls post-lockdown? Should you do the big chop, add some color to your tresses? We’re here to help stir up the idea pot and give you some curl inspiration to bring to your favorite stylist this season. 

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @gabbys.way

1. Front Bangs

Bangs are back in a big way this summer and have become one of the most popular post-lockdown styles to rock. They are an excellent way to give your look a makeover and provide a fresh look for your day-to-day styling routine.

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @nubiarezo

2. Long Shag

The shag haircut was made popular in the early 70s and was inspired by rockstars for a carefree look that promotes freedom. This overly layered cut is perfect for naturalistas because it promotes volume and highlights your texture.

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @jayne_edosalon

3. The Wolf Cut

The Wolf Cut is the trending haircut of the season – a choppy mix between the shag and the mullet. You may have seen your Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards filled with this look on mostly straight heads of hair, but we love the character that texture brings to this bold look! 

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @jhanaenae

4. Short Layers

With summer here, it’s understandable that a few of us want a little less length on our shoulders. A haircut with short layers can help create the illusion of volume and length without the weight of bulky curls. Adding layers to a short haircut can also add texture and create movement throughout the curls which compliments a variety of face shapes.

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @many.whorls

5. Angled Triangle

Ah the triangle, a cut that never fails to provide the perfect statement for a curly looking to be bold. The triangle is ideal for naturalistas with a tight curl pattern with thick density and is great for styling on the go.

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @ravenrowsalon

6. Edgy Pixie

The pixie is a cut that is perfect for naturalistas wanting a low maintenance style that truly highlights their texture in all its glory. The curly pixie cut is a trendy and flattering curly style that is viewed as very fashionable and chic.

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @melimel_citycurlstudio

7. Shape Up

If you are unsure of what style you want to rock post-lockdown then asking for a shape up is a great way to revive your curls without committing to a specific style. Asking a stylist to redefine the “shape” of your curls can help them bring your hair back to a healthy state by trimming the ends, bringing back the natural style of your hair, and giving your curls the chance to grow!

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @lepetitsalon_devacurl

8. Modern Mushroom

This is a fresh and updated version of the “bowl-cut” for naturalistas with tighter coils and curls. It can be extremely flattering and is a simple hairstyle that is viewed as edgy, bold, and can frame your face!

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @elizabethlingafelt

9. Curly Diamond

The “diamond technique” is a great way to eliminate the bell-shape effect many short haired curlies get as their hair grows. This cut is all about embracing your volume and fullness by giving an even curl across the many tresses of your hair.

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @thehivesalon

10. The Fringe

The curly fringe is a style that compliments bangs by helping soften your face shape and drawing attention to your eyes. A curly fringe can be customized to individual face shapes and add balance to your face by creating a softened look that you will love. This a perfect pairing with bangs if you are ready to commit. 

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @chrissycollins_hair

11. The Big Chop

As we’ve mentioned before it is getting into the hotter months and we’ve been in lockdown. There’s no bolder way to create a hair statement than by giving up the length and committing to the big chop. This is a great way to put “refresh” on your curls and get rid of unhealthy hair that has been damaged due to color, chemical treatments, and poor maintenance. 

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @vancityhairgirl

12. Curly Lob

The curly lob is a combination bob that still maintains your length! The classic bob is great for allowing your facial features to stand out and can range from ear to jaw length depending on your preference. This is a fun and playful style that is eye-catching and versatil for many textures.

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @theloftmedford

13. Long Layers

Long hair will always be in style and we always give props to our naturalistas who want to keep their length. Adding layers to your long curls can help create more movement and volume and works for fine or thicker curls.

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @spritzhairstudio

14. Tapered Cut

Natural hair always looks well with a tapered style regardless of your curl type because these are blunt, provide flexible cut and styling options, and will have you feeling fierce. This is a great style for curlies looking for an easy cut that will shorten styling times and decrease overall product usage.

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @catchmebloomin

15. Long Diagonal Angled Cut

The long diagonal angled cut can remove the bulkiness from the bottom of the hair and frame the face beautifully. If you have long loose or tight curls this is a nice departure from layers because it will actually give your longer hair a defined shape that compliments you.

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @cosmobyelise

16. Side swept bangs with layers

Are you considering bangs but not ready to make a full commitment? Side swept bangs are an excellent middle point between the fringe/front bang style which is great for framing your face shape and allowing the option to grow them out if you don’t like them.


Which cut should you get? Here are expert stylist opinions

We asked a few of our favorite stylists for their expert opinions on getting a post-lockdown cut and what advice and tips they had to help guide you in your research. 

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @naturallylamonica

LaMonica Williams

“Move over 2020 there’s a lot of dead weigh to cut off and that includes your hair. Big chops are in for anyone looking for a drastic change or feeling extra spicy and you’re ready for a whole new look. No worries if you’re not ready to take the plunge a nice shaped “rounded curly cut” that will complement your hair giving it life and movement no matter if you’re wearing a wash and go or a twist out.”

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Imag: @loveleyshair

Haley Smith

“The best option right now for a post-lockdown style will be a cut with a defined shape. My favorite would be a “Tapered Heart Shaped Curly” cut. Having your haircut into a clear shape helps to make styling effortless and is perfect for the get-up-and-go low maintenance ladies who want to hurry up and get back outside!”

 16 Post-Lockdown Haircut Ideas

Image: @theloftmedford 

Sharita Payton

“We are blessed to finally see many of our clients back in our chairs. Post-lockdown it’s been great to see our clients back for maintenance cuts, many in need of some much needed TLC and shape. We have been serving many Rëzocuts (body, balance and shape while maintaining the new longer lengths”>. Due to COVID-19 most have grown out of their desired shape and now lack volume. The Rëzocut has been great in helping to create that balance between volume and maintaining longer curls.”

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