Halloween is almost here, and you might be scrambling for a clever costume right now. While there’s no reason that your hair type has to dictate the type of costume you wear, it can be much easier to dress up as someone with your own curly hair type. Moreover, it can feel empowering to rock your curls on the most special night of the year (Halloween is the most special night of the year, right?).

You might think that, as a curly-haired girl, you’re limited to certain classic curly costumes. Nothing wrong with the old lioness or Diana Ross idea, but if you’re looking for something a bit more original, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of 18 curly Halloween costume ideas, from 90s classics to 2018 blockbusters.

clueless 700

Dionne from Clueless

"Clueless" may have come out two decades ago, but that doesn’t make the movie any less timely. If you’re rocking braids, a Dionne costume is a no-brainer. Dionne’s character is easy to imitate – just wear a schoolgirl costume and one of her iconic hats.

Hilary Banks

If you’ve got short curls, you’re already halfway to this look! Hilary Banks has so many classic, instantly recognizable outfits that it’s hard to go wrong here. Rock her signature oversized red blazer, fancy white hat, or another classic outfit from the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” character.


Okay, maybe it’s been a couple years since “A Seat at the Table” came out. But we’re still listening to it regularly, which means it’s still relevant! And if you’re feeling kind of lazy this year, this costume is a perfect choice. Just grab some colorful hair clips and you’re good to go.



Hello, yes, Beyonce costumes never get old. Never. Previously, we saw a lot of people dressing up as her Lemonade music video, but this year, you might go for one of her other amazingly extravagant looks instead, like any of her OTR 2 looks or this Coachella look. A yellow hoodie, cheek-baring booty shorts, silver boots, and you’re good to go! Bonus points if you memorize some of the choreography.

Michael Jackson

What better way to honor the king of pop than dress like him for Halloween? Kourtney Kardashian did a pretty spot-on job last year. You just need long, jet-black curls to pull it off.

Ms. Frizzle

Seatbelts, everyone! Ah, the days of watching The Magic School Bus and wishing that Ms. Frizzle were real. You can bring her to life, as long as you have a wacky patterned A-line dress and curls - preferably red.

medusa 700


Another creature from mythology, Medusa costumes have the potential to be really epic and over-the-top or super low-key. You can use plastic snakes or even colorful pipe cleaners to imitate snakes flowing out of your curls. Snake print makeup adds a nice final touch.

Sandy from Grease

Another classic Halloween costume, this one is a keeper. It’s almost too easy – if you own black leggings, a leather jacket, and red heels, then you’ve already got what you need.


Do you have long, thick, dark curly hair? Great. Buy a top hat and a cigarette, and borrow a friend’s guitar. You are now Slash from Guns n Roses, and you look like a total rock star.



There are multiple ways to rock an awesome Prince costume. Go for his mop of curls and extravagant ruffly costumes, or rock his signature afro and a high black turtleneck. Just don’t forget the facial hair. Follow Rochelle's amazing Prince costume tutorial here.

issa rae

Issa from “Insecure”

Issa, the beloved character we all love and hate from “Insecure,” always has the most bomb hairstyles. Add a “We Got Y'all ” T-shirt and an oversized jean jacket and your costume is good to go!

Garnet from Steven Universe

If you’re not familiar with “Steven Universe” yet, get thee to a television stat! This adorable queer cartoon is a gold mine for Halloween costumes. Garnet is our top pick, though, because of that hair and her third eye and badass costume. Her character is voiced by none other than Estelle. 

Janelle Monae in the “Dirty Computer” 

In past years, lots of natural-haired folks dressed up as Janelle Monae with her signature pompadour style. This year, though, Janelle Monae’s visual album “Dirty Computer” featured a wide range of totally Halloween-worthy looks, including her cover look with this amazing jewel headpiece. You’ll look like a bejeweled medieval knight!

Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”

If you have loose curls and want to go for a cute, traditional costume, consider Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”! All you need is a blue dress, red glittery shoes, and a stuffed Toto.

Ramonda from Black Panther

There are so many amazing costumes in Black Panther, but Queen Ramonda’s white dreadlocks were definitely one of the best. This look is striking and regal, so it’ll definitely make an impression. Use faux locs or simply put your hair into twists, then temporarily whiten your hair with baby powder or white hair spray.

mermaid 700


For a more abstract, mythology-themed costume, try dressing up as a mermaid. Mermaids traditionally have long, flowing locks, which makes this the perfect costume for wavy and curly-haired folks. A little hair and body glitter will take this look to the next level.

Mariah Carey in the 90s

Mariah Carey rocks a more straight wavy hairstyle these days, but back in the 90s she was all about her natural curls. With bangs, of course! Rock a body con dress, and don’t forget the

Janet Jackson

There’s a reason that singers like Teyana Taylor are still imitating classic Janet Jackson looks years later! Janet used to be known for her “Poetic Justice” braids, but she’s also rocked flowing curls, and her current staple is a dramatic high ponytail. Her versatility and amazing outfits make her a great source of inspiration for natural-haired ladies on Halloween.

What's your favorite Halloween costume that incorporated your curls? Let us (and your fellow curlies) know in the comments!