It may be time to say good-bye to the wolf and the unicorn and, hopefully, quarantine-era DIY haircuts, for a fresh new cut in the salon. While there are hot trends for the season such as the middle part, the cropped fringe, and the modern bixie (an updated spin on the 90s long pixies), the best cut will always be one that takes into consideration your curl pattern, density, face shape, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Let the following cuts from stylists and influencers from around the globe inspire you to find the best look for your curls.



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1. Shaggy Mullet

If you are growing out last year’s short, spikey, mullet, this cut is softer with a rounder shape. It’s less edgy, but still very modern.


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2. Long Layers

Longer layers are used here to create a shape allows each and every perfect curl to reveal itself.

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3. Medium Shag

This cut has the effortless, tousled, just-woke-up-like-vibe that is perfect for warmer days and lighter routines.

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4. Sunlit Locks

Blond ringlets frame the face for a breezy style with plenty of dimension.

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5. Short Shag with Wispy Bangs

Delicate, defined curls gently frame the face. This is the perfect cut to make fine hair look more voluminous, and a great way to keep some length as well. 

Salon: Aoki Hair

At Aoki Hair in Perth, Australia, cuts are tailored to the client’s curls for a style that is unique. 

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6. Curly Bixie

This cross between a pixie and a short bob has a longer fringe. It’s a fresh take on a classic style that showcases bouncy curls.

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7. Triangle Layers

Waves fall into perfect formation in this gorgeous cut. Unlike triangle cuts of the past, where the bulk of the hair fell heavy at the shoulders at the expense of crown volume, today’s triangle layers are balanced to form a flattering silhouette.

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8. Choppy Layers

This cut has plenty of movement and texture thanks to the use of strategically-placed layers and a perfect fringe.

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9. Color N’ Curls

Color will be hot, hot, hot this spring. And what is hotter than a vibrant red that catches the light? It is the ideal complement to this rounded, layered cut.

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10. Shaved Sides

Either one side shaved or both, the saved-side cut always looks new and exciting, and works for wavies and curlies alike.


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11. Soft Layers

If you don’t like the look of defined layering, a more subtle form of layering may be for you. There are several techniques that your stylist can use such as internal layering (also known as French layering) or the curl-by-curl technique.

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12. Cropped Fringe

A shorter fringe looks fabulous with a variety of cuts. This gorgeous style might tempt to try to recreate it at home. 

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13. Rezo Bob

On her IG, @Praised Hair, curl stylist Evelyn showcases a variety of stunning cuts on her clients. The goal of the Rezo cut is to maintain both length and volume.  Fellow stylist @stylesbyalyssa cut and colored Evelyn’s shiny, pretty bob.

Salons: Utopia Salon and Day Spa, NJ & Rezo Salon, NJ

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14. Long Bixie

If you need a fabulous inspiration for haircuts as you grow past the pixie stage, see this cut worn by @shahlasaiyed.


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15. Defined Curls

So many of us curlies aim for volume, but a good cut like this one proves shiny, defined curls take center stage. For more cuts to love, see @curlsbyjodybrinkmeier.

Stylist: Jody Brinkmeier


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16. LOB

Glossy waves look both carefree and elegant in this classic cut that is accented by subtle highlights done at Riot Crrl

Hair Salon: Riot Crrl

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17. Asymmetrical Cut with Shaved Side

A halo of side-swept blond curls contrasts a shaved side for a look that is both trendy and lovely. See more of this great style on @phasesofstephanie

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18. Custom Layers

Layers of multiple lengths help to give curls definition and structure for an all-over balanced, beautiful cut. @Halfn_Half_ achieves good curl definition while still retaining volume. 

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19. Round Layers

High-density, healthy, shiny curls pop in this round-layers look pictured on @curlywith_stacy.

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20. Classic Curly Bob

There is a reason we all love this cut: it brilliantly helps to shape curls and waves. It is also a very flexible cut, and can go from brunch with the girls to the conference room with little more than the flip of a pick. @curlyresi shows how beautifully her curls were transformed on her IG with before and after pics.


Which cut do you want to try this year? Let us know in the comments.