Next to braids and cornrows, twists might have to take the crown for the most low-maintenance and simultaneously versatile style around. You can style your hair in flat twists or individual twists, using extra hair for length or nothing but your natural curls. And if that wasn’t already enough to persuade you, they’re a brilliant way to keep your hair moisturized and protected from unnecessary damage.

If you find yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands while flattening the curve, now is the perfect time to experiment with new styles with little to no added pressure. For inspo for your next new look, scroll through these 20 twisted styles to try for spring while at home with your natural hair, or as a protective style.

1. Flat Twists & Zig Zag Parts


Image Source: @curlbellaa

Spicing up your normal flat twists can be as simple as changing the part. This zig-zag part is subtle, but just enough to make a statement. And the best part is when you’re ready to take it out, you have a bomb twist out. A two for one.

2. Blonde Rope Twists

Image Source: @saythelees

As the weather gets warmer, lighter hair colors will be on the rise and blonde is a classic warm weather vibe. These thick rope twists look cute and carefree pulled into a ponytail off the face, and they won’t take quite as long to do as smaller twists. The higher the ponytail the better.

3. Flat-Twisted Low Puff

Image Source: @truleytalentedbeauty

Most naturals love a good low ponytail/puff moment. The flat-twists are a great way to get more wear out of the style, rather than the typical slicked back ponytail. Add some little piercing accents like Zenita for just the right amount of pop.

4. Braid and Twist Combo

Image Source: @kraziicurls

Here’s proof that you don’t have to choose between braids and twists, you can do both. Ginelle flat-twisted the front of her hair off her face, and twisted the back as usual for a slightly different take on the regular twists.

5. Mini Twist Ponytail

Image Source: @jd_winters

They may be a bit time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth trying mini twists at some point during your natural hair journey. They help lock in moisture for that shiny finish and can last up to a few weeks with minimal maintenance. Jasmine’s mini twist ponytail is just one of the many styles you can pull off with these twists.

6. Crochet Twists

Image Source: @voiceofhair, @marykbella

These twists look so stunning, that you would never guess it’s a crochet wig. The ultimate protective style, this completely covers your hair and protects your ends while giving you the feeling and look of your natural curls and coils.

7. Two Strand Twists & Gold Cuffs

Image Source: @spstyled

If you enjoy decorating your hair with accessories, then you know these golden cuffs make a style stand out with little effort. Embellish your twists with these little add-ons for a quick and easy way to take your twisted style up a notch.

8. Marley Twists

Image Source: @blakejael

Long, hip and knee-length twists are popular this time of year, giving beach and vacation energy. Although you may not be able to make it to the beach just yet, channel those easy going vibes at home with this look. Add a few blonde accent twists to stand out from the rest.

9. Pigtail Twists

Image Source: @naptural85

When you’re short on time and fancy a sporty-but-cute look, you might want to try two simple pigtail twists. It’s easy enough to do in a rush or as an everyday style, and is functional when it comes to keeping your hair contained and out of your face.

10. Passion Twists

Image Source: @happycurlhappygirl

Secure long havana, passion or rope twists with a head wrap or scarf. Pile your twists into a large bun for an easy, charming style. For added polish don’t forget to sculpt your baby hairs.

11. Space Buns

Image Source: @powerfluffgirl

These glossy twists pair amazingly with the ever-popular space bun style. This might be a good solution for naturals who are experiencing the “awkward” hair length phase and feel that their twists are just a little too short for comfort. Don’t forget to add the face-framing twists.

12. Twisted Updo

Image Source: @neffyfrofro

Laila-Jean uses this style as a simple style to protect your hair while it dries on wash-day and it looks like a life-saver. On those days when you have to cram other activities into your wash-day schedule, this should help you leave the house looking presentable and with your ends protected.

13. Flat Twists w/ a Bow

Image Source: @danishrolls

Head wraps compliment curly hair in every way. It can function as a headband to keep those juicy twists out of your face. Tie the head wrap in a bow to keep it fresh.

14. Passion Twists Updo

Image Source: @creolenaturelle

Twists can easily be transformed into a sophisticated style fit for your next big formal event. By the time you’ve mastered this style in quarantine you’ll have weddings and black tie events lined up in your schedule. Swoop the twists on one side and secure them at the base of the head to get this look. Add a few sprigs of baby’s breath for a delicate touch.

15. Stretched Loose Twists

Image Source: @creeative91

Loose twists keep all of the volume that you might miss while your hair is out. Loosely twist dry hair and adjust it as needed to create a full bodied look, rather than the usual tight twists.

16. Twisted Low Ponytail

Image Source: @naturallycha

Sculpt jumbo twists along the side of your head for a put-together look that’s office-ready. It’s a particularly impressive style on thick natural hair.

17. Beaded Half-Ponytail

Image Source: @teresa.sousa.100

Bring back the memories of yesteryear by adding beads to your twists and a waterfall ponytail. And yes, persistent clacking noise will be well-worth the compliments, we promise.

18. Purple Two Strand Twists

Image Source: @curliecrys

Colorful hair waxes allow you to push the boundaries of hair color without making any serious commitments--in short, it’s genius. Playing with your hair color while stuck inside is a good way to decide which colors work for you and which you might want to consider permanently. Crys’s purple twists are fun and extra cute styled in a pineapple.

19. Twisted Accents

Image Source: @samanthapollock

Curlies who thoroughly enjoy wearing twist-outs, braid-outs, and wash-and-go’s most of the time can add a couple of accent twists to add some variety to their everyday style. As always, jewelry and accessories can be added to your heart’s content.

20. Criss-Cross Buns

Image Source: @jaynellenicole

The criss-cross pattern of this style may make it look a lot more complicated than it is, but the result is worth the effort! After parting and sectioning the hair, secure each section with black rubber bands and twist them, and flat twist the sides. Cross the banded sections in the pattern that you prefer, criss-crossing them to give the style an elaborate look, and secure the buns. If you feel your hair is too short to pull it off, add hair to the buns for a fuller effect.

Are you still looking forward to new hairstyles in spring 2020? If twists are a favorite of yours, let us know what your next twisted style will be in the comments below.