Are you ready to usher in the cooler weather with a hot new cut? Get inspiration from these looks that show just how versatile curly hair can be. From fresh and funky, to romantic spirals, curls are shear perfection.

1. Post-modern pixie

Here is a cut that is both trendy and timeless. With the flip of a part or a spritz of styling spray, you can instantly transform the look from romantic to chic.


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2. Pompadour with a shaved side

Paired with a trendy new color or not, this look screams “Slay”. Every curl pattern would look great clipped into this edgy style.


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3. Short shag

Shorter in back, with longer, face framing curls, this cut is as beautiful as it is easy to maintain. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the return of gingerbread lattes.

short shag

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4. Pixie with a short fringe

Pretty curly bangs are the main focus of this cropped cut that never goes out of season.

Pixie with Short Fringe

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5. Layered with a heavy fringe

Heavy, long bangs make great layered cut even better.

Layered with Heavy Fringe

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6. Short, tousled shag

This cute cut is all party in the back. Lots of layers allow for movement and texture.

Short tousled shag

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7. Short, layered shag

Soft curls are in focus thanks to this beautiful cut.

short layered shag

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8. High layers

Short layering brings out the volume for super curly hair. Also known as the afro cut, this style is a classic.

High Layers

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9. High and medium layers

If you love lots of volume, especially at the crown, give this look a try.

High and Medium Layers

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10. Medium-length high-layered shag

With the right gel, and a good shingling technique you, too, can have these bouncy curls.

Medium-length high-layered shag

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11. Long bob

The long bob, or LOB, is better than ever. It’s the perfect cut for looser curls like those pictured here.

Long Bob

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12. Classic Devacut

Random layers throughout the hair encourage texture, and allow curls to fall like interlocking puzzle pieces.

DevaCurl HR-8352

13. Angled bob

With soft, face framing curls, and crown volume-enhancing stacking in the back, this flattering cut can suit a variety of textures.

Long angled bob

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14. Medium/long shag with a long fringe

This stylish cut will bring out your curls in all their voluminous glory.

Medium long shag with a long fringe

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15. Dramatic shag

Lots of layers make this cut stand out. Perfect for all textures, it’s a look that respects each and every curl.

Dramatic shag

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16. Devacut with pintura highlights.

Strategically placed highlights and lots of individual layers equals a style for any curl pattern.

Devacut with Pintura

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17. Layers with highlights.

This style is perfect for those occasions that call for a little glamour. Multi-dimensional highlights emphasize this gorgeous layered cut. It’s high-volume and high-drama at its best.

Layers with highlights

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18. Shag with looser curls

Layers give this cut structure and substance, and they make fine hair look fuller.

Shag with looser curls

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19. Long shag with a heavy fringe

This look is one of the hottest trends for Fall. It’s a great cut on its own, or as an updated look when you have longer hair but you don’t want to lose too much length.

Long shag with a heavy fringe

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20. Curly layers

This cut adds movement and dimension to thick, curly hair. A few shorter curls in the front are the perfect solution for when you aren’t sure if you want to commit to a fringe.

curly layers

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21. Medium layered cut on long hair

Tight curls and coils have star quality, especially when emphasized by a layered cut that allows for lots of volume throughout the hair.

Medium layered cut on long hair

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22. Long with medium layers.

Beautiful curls and color make this cut a stunner.

Long with medium layers

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23. Medium length with long layers

For a polished look with lovely, defined curls, consider some strategically placed layers throughout that hair as shown here.

Medium length with long layers

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24. Devacut for waves and curls

The Devachan salon in NYC created this pretty, perfect for Autumn haircut. You can wear this loose and curly, but it is long enough to put into your favorite updos.

Devacut for waves and curls

25. Long layers

When I asked Rita how she got her hair to fall into Botticelli curls she said “It all starts with the cut.” Indeed. This cut was done at LunaRosa hair salon in Philadelphia.

Long layers

Image via, Ra Hall

26. Cropped chic

Do you need ideas for that big chop? Look no further than this fresh new look from Allure Salon in Baltimore, MD. It’s effortlessly cool, and showcases a gorgeous curl pattern.

Cropped Chic

What is your favorite cut for Fall? Let us know in the comments. For more info, see 5 of The Most Flattering Haircuts for Curlies.