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It’s date night!

You have already planned your outfit and even the shoes to match, but what about your hair? No need to stress. Here are 3 easy date night hairstyles for the naturally curly girl that bae will fall in love with.

1. Finger coils

No heat, no problem. Don’t go through the stress of using straightening and curling irons. You can achieve perfect, heatless curls within minutes just using your fingers.  I love Bianca Renee Today’s tutorial using finger coiling to achieve a perfect date night style, because it works well for those who have looser curls (3a to 3c curls”> and can last for a week. Finger coils are low maintenance as well. Get the most out of your finger coils by beginning with stretching the root by twisting to give you a nice sleek finish. Check out Bianca Renee’s tutorial below!

2. Bantu Knots

Actually Ashly’s tutorial will help you achieve gorgeous, heatless curls with bantu knots. This style is a natural haired girl’s best friend, as it creates defined spiral curls with volume. It’s a great simple style with minimum manipulation and effort. Be sure to reform bantu knots on dry hair and use a light moisturizing oil for added shine. Check out Actually Ashly’s bantu knot out below.

3. Twist-Out/Braid-Out

Check out how I achieved smooth defined curls with a simple twist out!  A twist out is a great weekly routine during the winter and give you  flexibility to create a variety of curly styles. To get the best out of your twist-out or braid-out, use a creamy butter that deeply moisturizes such as Darcy’s Botanicals Organic Palm Fruit & Cherry Kernel Butter and  sit underneath a hooded dry for at least 10 minutes to set your hair. Check out my twist out routine here!

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