3 Ways to Wrap Your Hair While You Sleep

There is nothing worse than spending a good amount of your time doing your hair only to wake up the next day having to do it all over again. That being said, knowing how to preserve your hair overnight is imperative to keeping your hair perfectly coiffed for the next day.

Before you go to bed

You can prevent next-day frizz and flat hat hair before you even wrap your hair up at night. The number one thing you need to do to preserve your curls overnight is to avoid too much manipulation while you are putting your hair up before you sleep. Here are some techniques that work for other curlies before bed.

  • Spritz – Lightly spritz their curls before bed, in order to keep them moisturized throughout the week, others, however, find it unnecessary. The key to doing this is to ensure that the hair is not too wet, otherwise it will cause frizz. You can spritz with water or a spray leave-in, whether that be homemade or store bought.
  • Spritz and seal – Another technique is to spritz and seal with your choice of sealing oil. Again, this will preserve the moisture in the curls and seal in the moisture as well. The only caveat to this technique is the friction you will cause by trying to apply your sealing oil.
  • “No spritzing” method – This last preparation technique involves not applying any extra moisture to the hair other than what you initially applied when you first styled it. This technique is generally used but those who feel that have ample moisture already or, for those who plan on re-styling by the time the hair would need re-moisturizing anyway.

After preparing your hair for overnight sleeping, here are some techniques you can use to preserve/wrap your hair overnight:

Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse method of preserving your hair overnight which is done in conjunction with one of the first two preservation methods above, spritzing or spritzing and sealing.  After one of those techniques is used to prepare the hair, you place a plastic cap over your hair and then wrap in a silk scarf. This process forces the moisture into your hair. This should be done for those with extra dry hair (Alternatively, you can “greenhouse” your hair for one hour and then wrap using one of the techniques below.”>


Pineappling is the universal curly girl technique for preserving curly hair overnight. It involves placing the hair in a high ponytail leaving the ponytail portion of your hair at the very top so that your curls are s not disturbed when sleeping. Using this technique, you can sleep just on a silk pillowcase or, wrap the base of your high ponytail in a silk scarf. Watch Nikki’s pineapple tutorial here.


For some, pineappling doesn’t work for one reason or another. In those cases this next technique could work.  It involves loosely, taking one side of the hair (as if you were gathering one side of the hair for a pigtail”> and placing it over the top of the head, placing in clips in you have to. Then, doing the same to the other side so that your hair is all the way at the top of your head. Next, wrap your head in a silk scarf. You can also wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt but cotton tends to be drying to the hair so we don’t recommend doing thatoften.

The technique you use to prepare and preserve your curls for sleeping overnight will depend mostly on your preferences, the length of your hair and the curly style you have it in i.e. twist out vs. wash and go. There are many other techniques not listed here that you can try, and what works for you may even be a variation or combination of the techniques above.

NaturallyCurly World, how do you wrap your hair at night?

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