For many of us curlies, we’ve experienced the challenge of finding a way to get our curly hair under a dreaded graduation hat. Whether it’s square, heptagon, or octagon these celebratory hats were not designed to flatter your hair no matter the texture or type. Don’t let the design fool you, curly women are bosses and we’ve found many ways to still be fashionable even with the constraints the cap can have. Styling your hair for your big day doesn’t have to be stressful, we’ve got the tips and tricks to help create a look that will have you crossing the stage with a smile as you continue to shine bright!

1. Side-Swept Curls

side swept 700

Image: @livenaturallylove

This is a cap friendly style that can prevent you from getting hat hair and squashing your curls. This style is all about texture and volume and can be used with clip-ins, braids, an updo, or a wash & go.

2. Slicked Bun

The excellent thing about a bun is you can wear it to the back or side when rocking your graduation cap. Grab your favorite edge control and slick down those edges which can help to position your cap and have a no fuss look with a chic style. Rocking a low side bun or pulling it straight back is also a fast style that is low maintenance and requires your choice hair band and some bobby pins.

3. Braids

braid 700

Image: @minimarley

Curlies love the versatility of braids. Whether your curly hair is long or short, switching your style up with braids is perfect for graduation. You can go Beyonce fierce and rock lemonade braids, do a long fishtail on the side/back, or even try a braided crown. The key is to decide on the thickness and type of braid you want to rock sine some braids are more cap friendly than others. Braids are also a great protective style that can help maintain your curls depending on the temperature or climate your’re graduating in.

4. Cascade Roll

This style is a great way to show off your volume and keep your curls out of your face. Graduation day can be stressful, so your twist out or perm rods didn’t come out as planned, no need to worry. Grab a few bobby pins and take each curl and twist them into one roll like a casade effect, easy and timeless.

5. Let It Fro

afro 700

Image: @de.jpeg

Nothing says graduation slay like the classic wash&go for your curly hair. Letting your curls fly free is a perfect way to compliment your graduation attire. The ease of a wash&go is that it;s a classic, comfortable style you know can set you up for photo success. You should plan ahead for the weather since an indoor/outdoor ceremony can affect your frizz level and how voluminous your hair can get. Make sure to leave time for air drying/diffusing so your wet curls don’t drip on your gown.

The best thing I can recommend for curlies on graduation day is to experiment and do your research. I wish on my graduation day I had tested out a few trial styles with my cap so I had an idea of how it would look in pictures. I was happy with my slicked backed bun, but I could’ve had a more playful or fun style that accentuated my curls. I also should’ve used a better gel/edge control because my baby hairs were sweating out my product underneath my hat when we took pictures outside. We wish you the best of luck in your graduation endeavors! May the cap gods have favor on your curls!

Desiree Johnson

Desiree is a passionate writer who loves to advocate for multiracial and diverse audiences in her writing. She enjoys writing and creating content that challenges and inspires people whether that's through a blog or social media management. As a Content Specialist in Austin, Texas she writes marketing content to help people improve their websites. She is passionate about diversity, education, and looks forward to developing compelling content with brands she loves.

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