short curly hair 700

Pictured: @prettygirlswithcurls

Are you a short curly hair girl tired of the same ol' hairstyle? No worries, I got you, girl.

I big chopped almost three years ago and it has been an amazing journey stepping out of my comfort zone and reinventing myself fearlessly. Like many curlies who have taken the plunge and big chopped, I had no idea how to style my hair, what products to use or how to properly care for it. So I understand your frustrations and want to remind you that this is all a part of the journey, don't give up just yet. Thanks to my NaturallyCurly fam and Youtube, I was able to learn more about the best ways to style and care for my 3b/3c hair and was surprised to see so many other curlies sharing their tips and tricks online where I could easily be more educated and aware of the best way to care for my curls.

Let's be honest, starting over and transitioning can be scary, yet empowering. Just know that you're not alone and there's a huge army of curlfriends here to support you every step of the way. Which is why I feel community support is so important. When you're in need of some curly hair inspo or boost of curl confidence to remind you of your magic, just know that you're curlfriends got your back. For so long it was all about long beautiful curly hair, but now more than ever women are boldly rockin' short haircuts and it's so refreshing and inspiring.

So for all my curlfriends that have recently gone for the big chop, transitioning, or growing their hair out like me, scroll down and check out these hair tutorials that will you inspire you to switch up your everyday look and slay the day in style!