The big chop was a liberating moment for your hair. Leaving relaxers, chemicals, and straighteners behind, you’re embracing your natural texture. That’s something we get excited about around here. If this is your first experience styling and maintaining your natural look, the teeny-weeny afro that your chop left behind might feel like a bit of a stranger. How do you style it and make it feel fresh and different week to week? How do you customize your look with hair this short so you can still express yourself? If you’ve rocked the TWA before, you may have found a few key styles that work for you but if you’ve hit a rut – you’re not alone. We scoured the web to find the most stylish, fresh, and chic ways to rock the TWA – which one will you try?

1. Braided Front TWA

Want to frame your face a little differently, add some shape, and feel like a new you? This tutorial will show you how to separate and braid your hair for a fresh twist on your classic TWA look. Learn how to section your TWA for a chic and balanced look that keeps your texture loose and lively in the back. With this style, you can add beads to match an outfit or change up your look to match your mood.

2. Double Puff Braided TWA

The double puff look is a classic style that gives off a youthful, fun vibe. You might think you can’t rock this look with the length you’ve got but this is one of the easiest styles to start working toward and there are multiple ways to play around and customize it as you grow. To keep your sides sleek and controlled, Olive recommends Hicks Pomade which is a fantastic product for smoothing edges, keeping braids under control, and providing a smooth finish where you need it. This video will get you feeling inspired.

3. Faux Undercut Tapered TWA

An undercut is always a popular style choice, but if you are looking for the same effect without going near the clippers, you might really love this easy, short-sides tapered TWA. Without sacrificing your growth, you can enjoy a whole new shape and a cool, controlled feel. See how to pull it off here:

4. The Wash N Go

The Wash N Go is a classic for curlies and coilies like us. You can enjoy that shower-fresh look and feel by updating your routine. Follow along with Jaleesa as she uses As I Am Coconut Cowash for that cleansing TLC for her scalp, Double Butter for extreme hydration, and Coil Defining Jelly to keep her TWA defined and polished.

5. High Puff with a TWA

Who says ladies with the TWA can’t enjoy a gorgeous, classy updo? In the video, Dayvia shows you how to pick your fro and then use bands to stretch your hair and coax out just a little extra length. She’s working with 9 months of growth during this tutorial but you can try this look sooner and see what works for you. You’ll learn how to wrap your headband and roll your TWA into an elegant high puff. Dayvia recommends finishing this look off with Lotta Body Control Me Edge Gel – a product we love at Naturally Curly. She’ll show you how to comb down and manage your edges, pulling out pieces to really define and frame your high puff for maximum style.

6. Slicked Down TWA

This is a fantastic style option for the shortest, freshest big chop ladies. If you have a newly cut TWA, this is a great option to make you feel polished and pressed while you get to know your new texture. For veteran natural girls, this sleek TWA tutorial will help you reinvent your process to achieve a classic look. Nia uses the SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to achieve a soft, not-crispy finish to her sleek, slicked-down look. This is one of our highest-selling items and has been voted Best of the Best products for curlies and coilies.

7. Afro Puffs with a TWA

Are these cute and energetic afro puffs off limits for your post-chop TWA? They’re not as impossible as you might think. Follow Cindyrella’s tutorial and see how she transforms her slightly-grown out TWA into full-bodied puffs that demand attention. This tutorial is simple but comprehensive and you’ll learn how to use EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel and Smooth ‘N Shine Foaming Wrap Lotion to keep this look smooth and stylish until you’re ready to wash.

If you’re new to the TWA or looking for more guides on how to care for your new, natural hair, we’ve got more chatting to do. Check out our TWA Survival Guide, these tips for Trimming your TWA and more short, curly style inspo!


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