Beyond being stylish, hats can serve as the solution to a bad hair day, or a means to protect your hair from harsh weather. If you’re running an errand or enjoying a lazy day, a hat can function as a staple item in your ensemble. On those hot summer or rainy days, they serve as a shield for your curls. Protection from extreme winds, humid days and cold weather can also help preserve your favorite ‘do, especially if you've manipulated your hair texture. No matter your reason for wearing one, you can still maintain style under your cap! If you want to experiment with different looks, here are eight cute hairstyles you can wear under a hat.

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YouTuber Chizi Duru gives us 4 different ways to style your hair under a hat. Whether you want to preserve your twist-out or hide a bad hair day, you have options when it comes to fun, chic hairstyles. Chizi even shows us her go-to trick to keeping her hat from flying off of her head.

Sleek Bun

sleek bun

Image by: @samjahiman

One of the greatest challenges of wearing a hat with textured hair is fitting your hair underneath it. Style influencer Samjah Iman pulls off seamless, simple styles with the help of a hat. With her hair in a low bun, she slipped on a baseball cap and wore it with confidence. With this style, she shows that a cap can be dressed up as well as dressed down.

If you need help getting your curls or coils into a sleek bun, watch Shannon's sleek curly bun tutorial.

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Bone Straight

bone straight

Image by: @samjahiman

If you spent time and effort on your blow out and want to hold onto the last few days of it, this is a great way to prolong and preserve the style. Keep a brush in your purse for the occasional upkeep.

Wand Curls

wand curls

Image by: @alwayzpretti 

Hairstylist Talibah Stewart achieved this look on her model with the use of a wand curler. Her loose curls fit perfectly under her large fedora hat. If you do not own a wand curler, this would also work on a braid-out or twist-out. Both methods prove that you can fit big hair under a hat.

Protective styles

protectiev styles

Image by: @eyekandydanie

Who says you can’t add some extra protection to your protective style? Just because you’re wearing a weave, doesn’t mean you can’t style it with a hat! Danielle Fullwood, wore a shoulder-length bob weave under a bright red fedora hat.

There are a few things you want to remember if you’re going to protect your hair with a hat. Be conscious of the material your hat is made of. Wool hats cause damage to your hair, specifically your edges. If you wear a wool hat, try to wear a silk scarf underneath to protect the sides of your hair. Also, be sure your hair is completely dry before you put a hat on. The wrong material can create friction that can be hazardous to your scalp. Remember, hats are supposed to protect your hair, not hinder it.

What do you think? What styles do you wear under your hats?