Every once in a while, we curlies want to try something new. The versatility of curls is endless, and it’s fun to experiment with our hair.

Pantene celebrity stylist Danilo is a master at re-purposing natural curls to achieve a new look. In the video below, he demonstrates a hairstyle that he likes to call the Hollywood Glamour Set.

In order to achieve this look, Danilo started with freshly shampooed hair. He first applies Pantene Curly Hair Series Heat Protection & Shine, which provides heat protection as well as softness. Our curls are precious and fragile, so it’s very important to always use a heat protectant before applying any type of heat.

Before using a diffuser, Danilo used Pantene Curly Hair Series Curl Enhancing Spray Gel on the model’s hair. Diffusing curly hair reduces frizz and helps the natural curls to come to life. The Pantene Curly Hair Series Curl Enhancing Spray Gel combined with a diffuser results in soft, beautiful curls.

The alteration to your natural curls is achieved by separating 1-2 inch wide sections of your hair and using a curling iron. Each section is then pinned until all hair has been curled. Then, remove the pins, run your fingers through your hair, add a little hair spray such as Pantene Curly Hair Series Satin Hold Hairspray and you’re done! The Hollywood Glamour Set by Danilo is a great look to try, but don’t forget to love and embrace the curls you were born with.

Check out the video to see Danilo’s Hollywood Glamour Set process in action: