Unless you’ve been trained in a professional beauty school, every time your stylist shows you a few quick and easy looks, you try them at home and fail miserably. Been there!

Like most things, practice makes perfect. Chances are that if you’re not trying out the styles you wear just every so often on a regular basis, they are going to be a little more challenging than your normal look. So what quick, easy and totally doable curly hair styles are out there for amateurs like us? Tons!

Luckily, curly girls have the possibility of versatility. Try out different looks and work on the ones that look best on you. Remember, a few loose strands or curls aren’t anything to worry about. In fact, they actually help accentuate a lot of quick curly hair styles!

Chopstick Curls

For longer lengths, try pulling your hair into a bun and securing it with chopsticks. This is a fun and easy way to spice up the usual bun style. Plus, there are so many decorative sticks to choose from, you’ll be able to wear them with every outfit! This look works for any curl type and can be done in minutes.

  1. Waves (Type 2″>: You may need to texturize your curls a bit before you start to give your hair some volume. Use a texturizing mousse or creme to start. Then, pull hair into a ponytail, twist into a bun and secure with chopstick in an X formation.
  2. Curls (Type 3″> & Kinks (Type 4″>: Pull your hair into a ponytail, smooth some curling serum into your ponytail and start to twist into a bun. Then, secure with chopsticks in an X formation.

Do the Sidesweep

Arm Yourself with the Proper Tools

To create quick and easy curly hairstyles, you need to have the proper tools readily available.

  • Bobby Pins
  • Headbands
  • Curling Iron or Wand
  • Fabric, Elastic Bands
  • Pomade or Shea Butter
  • Decorative Clips
  • Creativity!

This look also works really well with longer lengths and layers.

  1. Waves (Type 2″>: Make a part on the side of your head and pull a small section of the front of your hair over an eyebrow and tuck it behind your ear. Secure it with a pin or decorative clip. For shorter lengths, try parting your hair and finding two smaller sections to wrap towards the back of your head. Clip or pin them securely.
  2. Curls (Type 3″> & Kinks (Type 4″>: Try this style after a twist-out. Apply shea butter to your hair and make a deep part on the side. Pull a section of hair out and over an eyebrow, then tuck it behind your ear. Pin the piece back with a clip or bobby pins. To add something extra, you can even hide the pins with a cute headband!

Heat Styling to the Rescue

I’m not talking about grabbing that straighter — we’d never want you to lose those beautiful curls! But when you’re in a rush with hair that needs a little pick me up, a curling iron or wand can come in handy! The trick here is to never leave the heat on your hair for longer than five seconds, and ALWAYS use a heat protectant.

  1. Wrap your curls around a medium barrel curling iron for added definition. Allow these pieces to hang loosely around your face and pull a few pieces back to the bottom of your neck.
  2. Create a messy “half-up” look by pinning back some pieces and keeping others loose and defined. You can dress the look up by adding some sparkly rhinestone clips or pins at the top of your hair or to the parts secured in the back.

Twist It, Twist It Good

You already know that curling damp hair with your fingers helps form and define better curls, so why not try a twist with dry hair? This works great for any curl type.

  1. Use a little pomade to work into your hair and divide into two sections. This will help smooth your hair and keep frizz and flyaways at bay.
  2. Twist each large section and pull it to the back your head. Secure the sections with small jaw clips or pins.

  3. Pull any hair remaining at the top (if you have shorter layers”> to the back of your head as well and secure.

There are lots of varied updos and buns you can experiment with, and they can give you a different look every time. But don’t forget to play with your natural style and leave your locks down sometimes, too. Your fingers can act as natural coil stylers, but just add a spritz of water or spray gel on your hair and twisting it around your finger once or twice. If you need more definition, do the same finger coil method and use a pin to secure the section or curl down. Let your hair sit like that for a few minutes as you finish up your make up or clean up around the house.

Final Thoughts

The curls have it! We can wear curls so many ways and give our locks lots of looks.

It’s best to play a bit and find your favorite quick and easy curly hair styles. Once you do, you’ll be able to go from work to the gym in minutes, or from housecleaning to a night out on the town with the magic of a few pins and your curl creativity.

You go, girl!


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