When people think about curly wigs, some instantly envision those large 18th century powdered French wigs. But curly wigs have many more applications and styles these days, including religious purposes, and are even used by high-profile entertainers.

What’s more, for those who are enduring chemotherapy, wigs are a special and humanizing touch and solution to the irksome issue of hair loss. Fortunately, today’s curly wigs come in various shapes, styles, colors and textures.

Finding The Right Wig

Where to start?

With such a large array of curly wigs to choose from, the question often comes down not to if you want a wig, but to which one is right for you?

Most well known wigs either consist of human hair, synthetic material, or a combination of materials. The basic difference between human hair and synthetic material is styling.

For wigs with curls or waves in particular, you may want to keep a couple of things in mind. Human hair wigs are easier to style and restyle, so if you change your mind or don’t like how the curls and waves look, this may be your best option.

Synthetic curly wigs can also be pre-styled to meet your need, and involve less fuss. But once you have that style on a synthetic wig, it can’t be changed.

Synthetic-human hair hybrid wigs are also good options since they can take more heat, and may be styled.

No matter what, all wigs need to be maintained with special materials, so it’s usually just a matter of whether you want to style your wig or want it pre-styled.

Where to Buy the Right Wig

No costume shops

One place with top marks for your everyday fabulous wigs is Vogue Wigs. Aside from hair pieces, extensions and accessories, Vogue Wigs carries several of the top brand name wigs and a plethora of straight and curly wigs for any occasion. In addition, their wigs come in familiar, popular and celebrity styles.

For those honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, there is one particular website known for straight and curly wigs as well as their support of those enduring chemotherapy. Headcovers Unlimited not only has a variety of other headwear including scarves, but they also carry wigs for all ages for both sexes.

How to Care for Your Curly Wig

Maintenance is key!

Now that you know about the variety of wigs and where to find them, here are a few tricks of the trade to keep in mind.

  1. Never take a regular brush to a wig. If you want to style your human hair wig, follow directions specifically for that wig type. The same goes for synthetic wigs.
  2. Maintain the wig’s shape. Keep your wig on a wire or plastic head frame so it maintains its shape when you’re not wearing it.
  3. Wigs can be expensive, so if you do not have a ton of experience with wig maintenance, seek out a professional wig maker for help.

Keep in Mind!

  • Wigs come in four different sizes, so measure your head before you go to the store in order to have an idea of what size will best fit you.
  • Try not to stray too far from your eye brow color in order to keep the natural look.
  • Shorter wigs are easier to care for. Longer ones will often need conditioning treatments, much like regular hair!

Want More?

Finally, proper curly wigs have come out! Time to retire that straight haired wig!

Samantha Berley

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