With holiday party season right around the corner, you’re probably already stressing about what to do with your curls? Buns are so overworked, you’re thinking. A French twist? Too fancy. Au natural? That’s what I do everyday!

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Finding the right curly updos isn’t always the easiest task, but it’s about time you let your creative juices flow. This holiday season, NaturallyCurly is here to help you jazz up this classic style for the holidays.

A Classic Style Outside the Box

A simple bun may be a casual, everyday style, but never underestimate the power of a commonplace look that has been taken outside of its usual box! Here how to use a double bun trick to a create a unique look that we can assure you’ve never done before!

  1. To start, part your hair on to the side. Beginning with the side that has less hair, grab your hair at the nape of your neck and begin to twist. Once your have twisted the hair, wrap it around the base of the twist to create a bun. Secure with bobby pins.
  2. Move to the larger side and do the same. When wrapping the twist around the base, for the smaller wrap right, and for the larger twist, wrap left. The larger bun should slightly overlap with the smaller one. Be sure that both buns are secured in place with bobby pins. If you have thicker hair, place two bobby pins in an X formation for the strongest hold.
  3. Once the buns are secure, pull a few pieces out around your hair line to frame your face. This will give the look a casual, but elegant feel.
  4. Finally, add an accessory. The difference between the smaller and larger buns creates a perfect spot, right about the smaller bun, for a fun accessory. Go for anything here! The bigger, the better and, with this updo style, weight doesn’t matter. Because the smaller bun is secured itself, and positioned under the larger bun, it will be able to hold the accessory without destroying the updo.

You’re finished! These curly updos should take about ten minutes to create, and you can be ready and on your way in no time!

Want More?

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