Want to test out a new look this season, without actually diving all the way in? No problem! Wavies can create faux bobs whenever they want, and this one worn by Hilary Swank on the red carpet is the perfect holiday hair style for any party, whether you’re trying to impress the boss or the boyfriend!

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Wavy Faux Bob Updo to Impress

A faux bob shouldn’t take long to do, but be sure you have a curling iron, heat protectant, bobby pins and hairspray on hand before you begin.

It is also helpful to start on a just washed head of hair. Be sure to set your curls best you can before you begin by co-washing in the shower and using duck bill clips during the drying process.

  1. Start at the ends of your hair, sectioning your waves off into three or four sections. Your waves will help to decide the amount of hair in section. Be sure not to disturb the curl pattern.
  2. Pull hair up to your desired length, somewhere around the nap of the neck. Be sure to be holding the hair by the middle of the hair shaft. Then, bobby pin the ends underneath the fold. You may need to use 5 or more bobby pins for each section in order to make sure there are no inconsistencies in the hair from the back, aka blank areas.
  3. Once all hair had been folded and pinned up, either pull a couple front sections out, or simply use the pieces that were too short to pull back. Using a curling iron, wrap a face framing wave around the barrel and hold for 5 seconds. Release and mold into place with your finger, then hairspray it to help it keep its hold.
  4. When finished, spray your hair with a firm holding hairspray and be sure that the bobby pins feel secure. Remember that the most secure use of a bobby pin is in the X formation. Shake you head a bit and if nothing falls out, or feels like it is going to fall out, then you are good to go!

Overall, this holiday hair style shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. Just be sure that you apply a heat protector to your face framing waves before you put a curling iron to them! And there you have it, a faux bob that just might result in a full on bob come the New Year!

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