New Year’s is right around the corner, and its about time to start off the new year with a new ‘do. Putting a spin on an old style, this curly bun is casual and chic — perfect for greeting the new year with your friends and family!

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For this holiday hair style, all you’ll need are some bobby pins, hairspray and your curly tresses. Done and done.

New Year, New Curls Are Here!

  1. Wash, condition and set your hair as usual. It is important that your hair is completely dry for this updo. The natural movement of the curls is essential to create the perfect, unique bun.
  2. Once hair is dry, lightly pull hair back into a low ponytail, letting curls fall where they may in doing so. Twist the ponytail lightly and then wrap it around the base. Secure with a hair elastic.
  3. Lightly pull on the hair, much like you would to tighten a ponytail, in order to expand the bun. Be sure not to pull it all the way out of the elastic.
  4. Once the bun is to the size that you desire, pin the curls that have fallen out of the main bun back on the top of the bun. This will add a dynamic element to the bun. Use hairspray to keep curls in place.
  5. Be sure to allow for natural placement of the curls around your face. This will frame your face and add to the casual look of the updo. If necessary, spray these curls with a water and gel mixture and wrap them around your finger to create more curl and definition.

This holiday hair style shouldn’t take you any more than ten minutes. Remember that imperfections and loose curls are encouraged here, so think outside last year’s box and let your curls reign in the New Year!

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