How Do You Manage Hair With Oily Roots and Dry Ends 700

Photo by Cecilia Gorgon/@ceciliagorgon

Combination hair can be hard to maneuver. Our hair does what it wants and it’s our job to figure out a healthy way to maintain it. There are so many factors that contribute to the different temperaments of our hair. If you’re physically active, the motions of sweating, washing, and drying your hair can cause disruption in the way your scalp feels and how your hair looks. Your traits can also be hereditary or dictated by your diet. Among the various types of combination hair, oily roots and dry ends are very common. If that’s you, know that there is a solution out there to balance your hair and whip it back into shape.

Before we get into a solution, it’s important to understand how washing your hair affects the scalp and your strands. Finding a balance between how often you wash and blow dry your hair will improve the level of oiliness to the scalp, dryness to the ends, and vice versa. When you cleanse your hair, you’re removing all the grease and dandruff buildup. Once the scalp becomes dry, it aides itself with the sebaceous glands, which produce a natural oil that restores moisture. Unfortunately, the oils don’t travel down to your strands, causing your ends to dry out. Blow drying your hair minimizes the chance of moisture retention. The end result? Greasy scalp with dry ends. Not washing your hair enough leads to an oil buildup on the scalp, which eventually saturates the strands, leaving your hair completely greasy.

Combination hair requires you to aid each problem with its respected remedy. Target the oily scalp by washing your hair with a shampoo that has an oil-control element to it. Try Shea Moisture’s 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Shampoo. This will help to eliminate access oil buildup. Balance this with a hair mask that will restore moisture into your strands. Shea Moisture’s Yucca and Plantain Anti-Breakage & Strengthening Masque will fulfill many purposes with your hair. This specific mask will restore moisture while repairing the brittleness of your ends and reducing frizziness. You can find this, and others with the same functionality, in SHOP NaturallyCurly.

Combination hair can be a real drag. Luckily enough, the problem can be solved with the right products. Beyond the shampoo and conditioner that you use, figuring out the appropriate number of washes for your hair is important. This will be dictated by your hair type. Thicker, coarse hair types tend to wash and shampoo less than fine hair with looser curls. To avoid over-washing and under-washing, switch up your routine from time to time and see how your hair reacts. Incorporating the right oil-control shampoo and deep conditioner will make a huge difference. Before long, you’ll be able to balance your scalp and ends.

Have you experienced an oily scalp and dry ends? If so, how did you fix it?