The twist-out is a battle for many but a breeze for some. If your healthy tresses are anything like mine, you’re lucky if you get a full day from a twist-out on your kinky coily curly hair. Isn’t it frustrating? You begin a “real quick” twisting session. Then a few snacks, a couple of bottles of water and several TV shows later, you’re finally finished twisting your natural hair. Now it’s the next day– you untwist your hair to reveal your results which is giving you “I woke up like this” beautiful today. Unfortunately, by the end of the day your hair has completely declared war on you and is puffed out in the worst way. Where they do that at! Lol. Well I might have a solution. I’ve tested this technique out on my hair for a few weeks before sharing with you all. I used different products and I still received the same great results. So my name is Nappyfu and I approve this message. It’s not so much the products you use it’s moreso the technique. Both hold weight towards the success of your twist out.

My hair is type 4c. It’s thick, coily for days and has a high density. Using this twistout and separation method has my twist-outs thriving. Yes! It is clear across the board successful for type 4 natural hair. It gives me awesome results each time I do it. Let’s be real, our kinky hair can have definition when it comes to these styles but it tends not to hold for long. With what I like to call the “Tightly Twist Method” you can have your perfect twistout last. From the installation to the take down, I’ll show you how to do it in order to achieve longer lasting definition without frizz!

Checkout the video and if you like the method, please share it. We want everyone to have an “I woke up like this” twist-out situation. Starting with freshly washed hair, let’s get this twist-out going…”Easy Twist-out Method for Type 4 Hair

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This article was written by NappyFu for CurlyNikki.

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