Hats are a great way to keep the sun out of your eyes. They are also the perfect way to protect your skin from the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays that can lead to wrinkles, or worse, skin cancer.

The downside to wearing a hat is definitely hat hairNo one wants their hair to look flat and lifeless after taking off their hat. The good news is that you can learn how to prevent hat hair so you can look great and still get that stylish coverage from the sun. Here are a few tips on how to prevent hat hair to help avoid this flat fate.

1. Build volume

To combat the flat side effect of wearing a hat, use a root lifter or volumizing product such as Ouidad Playcurl Volumizing Spray or Jessicurl Gelebration Spray. If you apply this type of product to hair before wearing a hat will it lessen the effects, but you may still need to apply a little after taking off your hat, so carry travel sized versions of these products with you for added peace of mind.

2. Don’t put on a hat when hair is wet

Hair has a harder time drying trapped under a hat. When you put a hat on damp or wet hair, the air will dry in the shape of the hat. Avoid this by making sure hair is dry or skip the hat and opt for a head wrap instead.

3. Choose the right materials

Hats made out of thick materials such as wool or synthetic fibers will flatten hair more than options made of cotton or softer material like silk or satin. We love the silk and satin-lined hat options that are available for curly girls now!

4. Wear looser hat styles

Another contributing factor to hat hair is how tightly the hat sits on the head. Anything that forces your hair to be pushed against the scalp without proper space to move around can lead to hat hair. Avoid tight beanies, trapper hats or baseball caps that are adjusted too snugly to the head. Opt instead for options such as berets, bolo hats, and floppy styles that aren’t as tight.

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5. Take the hat off as much as possible

When you step in from the sun, you may be tempted to leave the hat on so no one sees your hat hair, but it is important to let it breathe when you can. Even if you only take it off for a few minutes, it can still help reduce hat hair later. It can stop the hat hair crease from becoming more secured.

6. Part your roots on the opposite side

If you are going to wear a hat, parting your hair on the opposite side than your usual routine can help later when you take the hat off. The hair will have more volume when you flip it back over to the other side.

When it comes to keeping your hair looking great, these tips on avoiding hat hair can make it a little easier. Say goodbye to that flat fate and still wear your favorite looks!

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