There is not a single, one-size-fits-all way to refresh hair. Whatever your curl type, if your hair is fine, it’s going to need to different attention on day 2 than those with thicker strands. However, that doesn’t mean fine-haired curlies can’t get second- or third-day hair! You have to experiment to find the perfect method for your hair, but that’s part of the fun. Read on to learn how you can get the most days out of your wash.

Before I get into the options for refreshing, let’s talk about prepping for multiple-day hair. A key element to refreshing fine hair is making sure you get a good set on your first day. Make sure you use a product with hold, like gel, mousse, foam, or hairspray. Your hair doesn’t have to be perfect on day one, but it does need to have some hold! It will also help you get a great refresh if you preserve your curls well while you sleep. There are many ways to sleep without disturbing your hair (again, you’ll have to experiment to find the way you like best”>. For my short hair, I love sleeping on a satin pillowcase.

Another key to a successful refresh is product application. Whether you rake and shake, use praying hands, or implement another technique for applying your products, try out different ways of putting products on your hair so you can find what works best for you. The best product in the world won’t do much if your hair doesn’t like the way you apply it. I personally find success with the techniques outlined in Scott Musgrave’s MAP method.

Here are some options for refreshing your fine hair:

How to Refresh Fine Curly Hair

Image source: @thelazywavy

1. Spray bottle with water

Since fine hair can get easily weighed down by styling products, try refreshing your hair with just water. Spray it on to get your hair damp — but not too damp (think “just got caught in a light rain” levels of moisture”>. Smooth down frizz with your hands and scrunch to spring up curls that have flattened or straightened out. You can also finger coil smushed curls if scrunching isn’t enough or if scrunching creates frizz for you. Your hair may re-form a gel cast as it dries. Wait until your hair is fully dry and scrunch out the crunch.

2. Spray bottle with a lightweight styler

Want to add in a little more hold or moisture to your second-day hair? Fill your spray bottle with a small amount of lightweight styling product or conditioner. If your hair feels dry, try a leave-in conditioner or curl milk. Your regular conditioner may work, too. If you desire a little more hold, try using more of your gel or mousse. The amount of product you need depends on the product itself and the size of your bottle, but a teaspoon of product is a good place to start. You can always add more if desired. If you don’t want to mix the product into your spray bottle, you can wet your hair with plain water and apply a small amount of product onto your damp hair. Then smooth the frizz and scrunch and/or finger coil.

Jessica aka @thelazywavy (pictured below”> uses a combination of these techniques, “My hair was a bit stretched out this morning from being in a bun during workouts the last few days, so I did a damp refresh this morning… I sprayed my hair down with my Curl Keeper bottle, then added in about 8 pumps of xmondo hair glitterati (the pumps are small, it wasn’t a ton of product”>. I diffused until the cast was set and air dried the rest of the way. Once I scrunched out the crunch, I used a tip from @wavycurlychronicles for volume and added some Beautiful Mess pomade to my roots.”

How to Refresh Fine Curly Hair

3. Water-free refresh

For some people, applying water can do nothing but create more frizz. Try emulsifying a small amount (pea-size or smaller”> of a creamy product in your hands and applying to dry hair by smoothing downward. Focus on your frizziest spots. Then scrunch to reform your curls or waves. Make sure to avoid your roots when applying product — putting too much product close to your scalp can weigh down your hair or make it look greasy.

4. Diffusing

If you do decide to use water in your refresh, diffusing is your friend! Water, while great for our curls, can weigh down fine hair. Even just five minutes with a diffuser can help keep your hair looking bouncy and lightweight instead of hanging heavily from your scalp.

5. Clipping at the roots

Clipping at the roots (whether or not you add water to your hair”> is great for getting volume on day two, which fine hair can sometimes lack. If you use water to refresh, take the clips out when your hair is dry. If you choose to refresh without water, leave the clips in for 10+ minutes. Just make sure to take them out before you leave the house!

There are many options for refreshing your fine hair, so have some fun and experiment to find what works best for you! Regardless of how you style your day two curls, remember to embrace the frizz. No one’s hair is perfect on day two and beyond, so find what works for you and rock it!

Want more tips on caring your for fine hair? Check out this article. Do you have another method for refreshing your hair? Let your curlfriends know in the comments!

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