A wedding is not only a major milestone in your life but is the one day where as a bride, all eyes are on you. As a naturalista there is nothing more essential than making sure your hair is on point for the big day. Since many of us embrace and love our natural curls, it only makes sense that we’re going to want to create and implement a classic wedding style that highlights and elevates our curls for the wedding. Finding the perfect wedding day look isn’t a matter of pattern or texture, it’s all about creating a look that compliments your curls. Whether you’re rocking free flowing curls or looking to create a stylish updo, we’ve got you covered with 10 amazing looks you’ll want to keep saved for your big day.

1. Curly Updo with Bridal Accessories

How to Wear Your Hair Curly On Your Wedding Day

Photo: @mariaelenaheadpieces

Wearing a voluminous updo is a great way to get creative with your curls and allow the texture to really take center stage. Adding a bridal accessory or accent like a jeweled pin can add additional flair and compliment your wedding dress.

Here’s how you can get the look:

2. Loc Updo With Bridal Accents

How to Wear Your Hair Curly On Your Wedding Day

Photo: @tubarones
Here’s how you can get the look:

3. Twists With Curly Hair

How to Wear Your Hair Curly On Your Wedding Day

Photo: Hair by @ninalstylist photo by @angelicapompy

Wearing twists or cornrows in your hair is a great protective style that can help manage flyaways and give you the chance to rock an accessory. The key to rocking twists or cornrows is to make sure that you wear plenty of gel and edge control so that the look remains smooth and polished.

Here’s how you can get the look:

4. Twists With Curly Hair

How to Wear Your Hair Curly On Your Wedding Day

Photo: @orioneconceicao

Show off your length and texture with an amazing side swept puff that will get your hair high and out of your face.This is a elegant take on the classic pony that allows you to add volume to your curls and allows you to show off your neckline and jewelry.

Here’s how you can get the look:

5. Brushed Out Curls

How to Wear Your Hair Curly On Your Wedding Day

Photo: Lovely Bride

We love to see a soft and elegant bridal style.Wearing your hair down on the big day can feel a bit nerve wracking but with this stylish and soft take on pillow soft curls, you’ll be in love. Brushing out your curl pattern can give you extra volume and showcase your cut or layers.

Get the look:

6. Pineapple With Pearls

How to Wear Your Hair Curly On Your Wedding Day

Photo: Styled by @Lebron_ellie

If you’re going for an elegant, romantic look, try this pineapple with pearls updo. It’s a timelessly gorgeous style that keeps the majority of your curls off the back of your neck (ideal if you’re getting married during warmer months) while still leaving some defined natural curls framing your beautiful face. This model is wearing Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions to make the pineapple formed by her natural curls fuller and more voluminous.

How to Style Pineapple With Pearls

  • First, install your curly clip-in hair extensions. (Check out our how-to guide here. You can also bring it to your stylist!) This gorgeous style was created using two sets of Bebonia curly hair extensions in 110g, Natural Black, 22” Ringlets.
  • Separate a v-section for front loose curls, secure with a clip.
  • Spritz water, add holding gel (our stylist recommends Innersense “I Create Hold” gel).
    • Stylist Note: It’s easier to smooth the hair ponytail while curls are damp to create a smooth high ponytail. Use a smoothing brush for slicker form.

7. Boho With Baby’s Breath

How to Wear Your Hair Curly On Your Wedding Day

Photo: Styled by @glamazoncoifs

This “Boho With Baby’s Breath” style is straight out of a fairytale. It’s perfect to pair with flowy, bohemian dresses or outdoor weddings. Just picture yourself gliding down the aisle with this gorgeous, loose, curly braid! Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions add length and fullness to create a breathtakingly beautiful wedding-day hairstyle.

How to Style the Boho With Baby’s Breath

  • Install your curly clip-in hair extensions before styling this half-up, half-down. (Here is a tutorial on how to clip in Bebonia curly hair extensions.) In this photo, the model is wearing two sets of 110g, Chestnut Spiral Bebonia curly hair extensions in 22” length.
  • Starting just below the temples, take equal sections from each side and twist them in toward the middle and tie them with a small rubber band.
  • Take the second section behind the ears and do the same thing—tie them with a small rubber band over top of the first section.
  • Continue down the length of the hair in as many sections as necessary.
  • When you get near the ends, take specific curls and pin them to blend and create cascading curls at the bottom.
  • Loosen particular curls throughout and pin them if necessary to hide the rubber bands.
  • To finish, decorate with baby’s breath, but you can use any accents or accessories you choose.

8. Half-Up With Pearls

How to Wear Your Hair Curly On Your Wedding Day

Photo: Styled by @Lebron_ellie

If you can’t quite commit to a full updo, you can have the best of both worlds with this gorgeous half-up, half-down hairstyle. This is the perfect look to really show off your beautiful curls, and it’s an incredibly easy style to create. Utilizing curly hair extensions can enhance the length and volume of your natural texture, and accessorizing with pearls creates an eye-catching style that will complement your wedding dress beautifully. In this photo, the bride is wearing a set of customized Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions to add length and enhance her naturally beautiful curls.

How to Style Half-Up With Pearls

  • Before you begin, install your curly clip-in hair extensions. In this photo, the model is wearing a gorgeous set of 220g, Honey Blonde, Curly extensions in 22” length. (customized color)
  • Make a side part, following the eyebrow arch.
  • Pull side hair back to mid-crown and secure with bobby pins.
  • Accessorize with a pearl side comb and add loose pearls for a charming, gorgeous hair adornment.

9. A Crown For A Queen

How to Wear Your Hair Curly On Your Wedding Day

Photo: styled by @ashlydanielaa

If you’re considering wearing a tiara on your wedding day, but aren’t sure if you should, just take a look at this gorgeous Queen. Your wedding day is probably the one day of your life you’ll be able to wear an actual tiara and get away with it, so we say DO IT! This is a simple hairstyle that’s great for any hair type, but looks especially lovely with curly hair. This model is wearing her Bebonia Spiral, Lightest blonde hair extensions extensions for added volume, lending a regal, elegant look to her hairstyle.

How to Style A Crown For a Queen

  • Install your curly clip-in hair extensions (or have your stylist install them for you) before you begin. This model is wearing two sets of Bebonia curly hair extensions. The curly extensions are 110g, Lightest Blonde Spirals in 22” length. 
  • Have your stylist pull your curls loosely to the back of your head.
  • Gently pin the locks down.
  • Lightly adorn your crown of curls with a tiara, or any other accessory of your choice! We love the way this tiara shows off the full length and volume of the curly extensions and natural curls.

10. Classic Half-Up, Half-Down

How to Wear Your Hair Curly On Your Wedding Day

This is another simple, curly wedding hairstyle that makes a HUGE impact. Just look at the length and volume on this beauty. This is a great choice for anyone wanting something simple, elegant, and low-maintenance. One of our favorite parts about this style is how you can match it to your wedding dress using the accessory or adornment of your choice! This model chose to enhance her half-up, half-down hairstyle with curly clip-in hair extensions for the length and volume boost they give the style.

How to Style Classic Half-Up, Half-Down

  • Install your curly hair extensions before you begin creating this hairstyle. Our model is wearing two sets of 110g, Dark Brown, Ringlet curly clip-in hair extensions in 22” length. (Two sets of Bebonias will help create even more volume.)
  • Use a clear elastic band to make a small ponytail for the half-up, half-down.
  • Add a hair accessory to decorate the hair.

If you’re blessed with curly hair, don’t hide your natural texture–embrace it! Your wedding day is a day to shine, and showing off your beautiful crown of curls will help make you shine that much brighter. If you want to add length and volume to your wedding-day hairstyle while embracing your curls, curly extensions could work well for you. If you decide to incorporate curly hair extensions into your wedding-day hairstyle, we recommend bringing them to your stylist for a hairstyle “trial-run” before the day of the big event.

Now get out there and say “I do!” to letting your curls free on your big day!

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