In February NaturallyCurly Editors took on the daunting task of trying 100 products in a month. Yes 100. Now this could be hair, skincare, body, etc., but let me tell you my bathroom and room were full of curly products and skincare goodies (ask my roommates, sorry guys”>. Although I don’t think I fully accomplished the challenge, I did try more new brands and products this month than I probably have in the last few years. I have to admit, some days my hair looked real crazy. Since we had to try so many products I was washing my hair more than usual, and some days I would try a product without hold, or one that weighed my curls down, or one with absolutely no slip so I couldn’t even get my brush through my hair, but luckily these days were minimal, and I actually found a lot of products that my hair responded to.

Kiana Hair

I used the AG Cleansing conditioner, AG hydrating conditioner, and Skimdo curl creme to achive this wash-n-go.

Generally, when I find a product that works, I stay loyal to that product for months or until it runs out before trying a new one, and even then, I often go back to my holy grails. This challenge definitely pushed me (and my hair”> out of my comfort zone, but I found some really innovative products and brands that took my hair to a new level. Here are a few of them:


Skimdo Curl Creme

This was curl creme came recommended to me by the lovely Nia the Light. Still a relatively new kid on the block, SKIMDO has gained cult status amongst natural hair stylists and influencers who use it, including FKA Twigs, Aluna Francis, Ella Eyre, Lianne La Havas, EVE, and Nia the Light. Kim Cowans created the product in response to her own curly hair struggle, “I made SKIMDO so that I could keep the ringlety, voluminous complexity of my natural hair, but also have the swish, the shine, the effortlessness I always admired in straight hair.” Skimdo is free of parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, or any of those trendy ‘buzz’ ingredients often found in new products, and it was one of my favorite finds of the month. It left my curls soft, ringlety, and voluminous for 5 days, which is the longest I have ever gone without a wash day. You can purchase the product here.

RedDavid Orchid Oil

Orchid Oil Dual Therapy

This was one of the first products I tried in February, and I continued using it for a week – even though I had a shelf full of products I was supposed to try – because I loved it that much. One side is an oil, and one side is a curl creme, and since I often cocktail my products this 2-in-1 was perfect. You can choose how much oil to mix with your creme, I found that a 2-1 ratio of curl creme to oil worked best for me, and later in the day you can easily add more of whatever your hair is needing. I found that for refreshing my curls I only need the creme portion, but when my hair needed added moisture I could just add a few pumps of oil. The mixture left my hair SO soft and the slip was one of the best out of all the products I tried this month. I’m definitely adding this product to my Holy Grail list. You can buy it here.


AG Hair Curl

For over 25 years, AG has been creating hair care products designed to treat common hair problems with a gentle approach. And their new line for curls is no different. This line is SUPER moisturizing, and even on wash day I had volume and was able to detangle my hair easily. I was able to try out the entire line which consisted of the cleanser, conditioner, treatment masque, and curl creme, and each one worked well for me. I also used them alongside some of my other favorite products, and they worked just as well. This brand has definitely been added to my list of holy grails! I hope they never change the formula. You can purchase AG products from our NaturallyCurly Shop here.

Macadamia Professional

Macademia Professional

Macadamia Professional is another brand whose full line I was able to try. Since my hair is chemically dyed blonde, it requires A LOT of moisture in order to stay healthy and soft. In addition, I also have fine hair – I have a lot of it, but it’s fine enough that it’s prone to being weighed down by many curly targeted products. Finding a balance between sufficient moisture and being able to go a few days without washing my hair before my curls start to look weighed down has always been difficult for me, but this Ultra Rich Moisture Line gives me the perfect hold and curl for multiple days. My favorite from the line is definitely the curl creme; I don’t usually have a hard time finding a cleanser or conditioner that works well for me, but curl cremes can be hit or miss. The Soothing Curl Creme had great slip, great hold, and left my curls super defined and soft. Basically everything I look for in a curl creme, plus it smells incredible. You can purchase the line here.

Urban Hydration

urban hydration Avocado Oil and Argan Oil

I initially tried Urban Hydration’s cult favorite body wash and body scrub and fell in love. Your girl was soft as hell. So when I found out they had hair products too, I couldn’t wait to try them out. This all-natural, moisturizing, ingredient-packed hair line, which can be used on wet or dry hair, is formulated with coconut, argan, and avocado oils to deliver unbelievable moisture without weighing down your curls. Not only is the scent of this line incredible, but the shampoo-conditioner duo and styling cream have worked wonders for my hair. The shampoo is said to promote growth and shine, and the conditioner is lightweight and non-greasy, while still bringing out the texture in my curls and hydrating my hair from root to end. It’s also safe for color treated hair, major plus, and it’s WOC owned, major major plus. You can find the line here.

What are your holy grail curly products? Mine change seasonally, but I swear I add new ones each year. Let me know in the comments!

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