Hey everyone! It’s Nina Sultan here. As you all know, I love experimenting with and trying new products. I have been really into trying products from the DevaCurl line lately and wanted to test out their Light Defining Gel. Here is what I found.

devacurl 1

After getting out of the shower and scrunching my hair with a t-shirt, I applied a little more than a quarter-size amount of the product by gently finger combing it through my curls. Overall, the application process was easy. I tend to like gels for that reason.

devacurl 2

devacurl 3

Once the product was applied, I scrunched my curls all around and let the product set in for a few minutes. I then waited until my curls were 70% dry, diffused my hair, and waited.

devacurl 4

My Results

The first time I used the product, I found that while my curls were nicely defined, what I was surprised about was that my curls felt pretty dry and kind of crunchy. The gel is supposed to be a crunch-free styler, but somehow they ended up feeling crunchy anyway. I then realized that I cannot use this product by itself to style. The next time I used this product, I applied a cream (DevaCurl's Coconut Supercream) before the gel and a finishing oil (Ouidad: Mongongo finishing oil) afterwards. I was MUCH happier with results the second time around.

With the help of some additional moisture products, this gel provided nice definition and I liked that the gel is so light. I wasn’t too into the scent of the product. It was light and had that artificial berry smell to it. I tend to like products that smell natural, so this was not my favorite. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t use this gel by itself, however, with the leave-in and oil, this product works great for my curl pattern! I pleasantly discovered that I don’t always need to use the finishing oil either. The curl curl cream in combination with this gel did the trick just as well.

Concluding thoughts

This gel overall is a decent product. I appreciate that while it is $17 dollars, you get twelve ounces of product, and it lasts a long time since you only need to use a little bit. I probably would buy this gel again, but I have to say that my BounceCurl Light Crème Gel is still my favorite styling product to use.

The Pros

-Lasts a long time

-Lightly scented

-Easy to distribute

-Doesn’t leave your curls feeling heavy

-Provides definition

The Cons

-Pricey (17$)

-Smells artificial

-Need to use an additional product that gives moisture such as a leave-in or oil

-Not moisturizing

What products are you into right now? Have you tried this gel? Did you get the same results? Let me know in the comment section below.