Summer is quickly coming upon us — seriously, May starts next week! And with summer, a whole flurry of new issues arise for our textured hair. Sure, the extra humidity is generally a good thing for our curls and helps boost their spring and bounce, but as the heat rises and the days get longer, your hair can get some serious damage from the sun.

We all know the importance of wearing SPF on our skin, especially in the long run. It means less wrinkles, less dark spots and less risk of cancer. However, when it comes to protecting hair from sun damage, we’re not sure what to do.

Not to worry.We have a quick and easy solution for days that you’re in a rush, or when you just don’t want to don a hat.

Summer, Scarves and Style

Summer 2012’s big trend is color and color blocking. Put your bright scarves to good use and create a style that works well for waves, curls and coils. It’s perfect for second day hair as it can help to cover areas that may have frizzed out, or even for first day hair that you want to keep protected. This style isn’t just perfect for those sunny summer days, either. When the humidity gets too high and the rain starts to pour, this style will save your ‘do from unexpected frizz too!

  1. Unfold a long scarf and place it on your head, leaving pieces out around your face to frame it. Be sure that you place the shorter end on your head. The scarf should hang long down your back.
  2. Lightly twist the two ends of the scarf together at the nape of your neck and pull the two sides down in front of you.
  3. Position the top portion in a style that you like, and pull the two ends of the scarf to tighten the top portion and hold your style.
  4. For added effect, move the knot at the nape of your neck from the middle to an asymmetrical position on your neck. This will cause the scarf to drape on one side of your neck.
  5. To increase the hold of the scarf and style, use a strong hold hairspray, like Moroccanoil Hairspray, where your hair and your scarf meet.

Through out the day, the scarf will become a bit loose, so simply tighten it by pulling on the ends, the same way you would for shoelaces. Be sure not to wear this style when it is extremely windy. It will not stay in place!

Happy styling, curlies!