Woman with curly hair and side swept twists

Image: @chelliscurls

As any curly knows, getting in a style rut from time to time is pretty much inevitable, we all experience it. It's so easy to find styles that work for you and get comfortable wearing the same few hairstyles that are reliable, quick and easy. If you are looking to switch up your everyday style and try something new, we've got you covered! Check out these 5 side swept curly hairstyles that show off your texture, create volume, and best of all, change up your look.

1. Wand Curls with Clip Ins

For a look that plays up the volume, you can use clip-ins for this style. This look works well with different lengths and textures, so it is definitely worth trying out. Whether you're headed out for a date night or attending a special event, this look will keep all eyes on you.

2. Side Swept Flat Twist Out

If one of your go-to styles is a twist out, this is for you. This hairstyle lets you show off the results of your twist out while also bringing it all together on one side for added volume.

3. Wash and Go Side Swept Braids

For the curlies that prefer to wash and gom this is a great way to shake things up and add volume effortlessly. Add a few braids on one side for an eye-catching appeal and your hair pulled to one side to show off your defined curls. 

4. Sleek Side Sweep

When you want the appeal of a side-swept look coupled with a sleek part, you really can have it all with this easy style. This style works well for most lengths, but is especially dramatic with longer lengths. It is the perfect look for a party or event where you want to be the center of attention.

5. Flat Twist Updo

For the curlies with short to medium hair and have no idea what to do with their curls, this is a perfect style for you. Add a flat twist to one side and let your curls flow beautifully. 

Have you tried any of these side swept styles? Let us know your favorite style in the comments below.