This summer we saw so many beautiful braids and protective hairstyles, but just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t continue to rock these gorgeous protective styles. A new season calls for a look and if you’re in need of some hair inspiration, check out these hairstyles. Here are 5 of my favorite braided hairstyles that are great for any season. Scroll down and let us know your favorite!

1. Ethiopian cornrows

Curlies around the world are borrowing styling ideas from our East African sisters in Ethiopia. And I’m all for it. Having grown up in Kenya, I lived amongst several Ethiopians and their hair was always styled beautifully.

A mix of small and medium-sized cornrows are interwoven to create an intricate surprise of a hairstyle. Throw in a couple of beads and even shells and your hair will brighten up any dull fall day!

Double image of a woman with Funami braids
Picture courtesy of @transformedbyo
Woman with head piece and braids
Picture courtesy of @samrawith

2. Faux Locs

A couple of seasons ago, faux locs with a coily texture were in fashion. But this fall, it seems that ones with a glossier finish are a go-to style. Rather than have each loc finished from root to tip, curlies are opting to have the ends of the loc undone and wavy.

Faux locs are quite simple to install – a pack of ready-made ones can easily be crocheted to your hair to prevent over-manipulation of your natural hair. It certainly wouldn’t be a fashion faux pas, to pair your hairstyle with a leather jacket to add some edge to your overall look.

Woman smiling with blonde faux locs
Picture courtesy of @msjena2
Woman sitting down holding her faux locs
Picture courtesy of @queen.jazznicole

3. Side Swept Braids

The first time I saw a friend of mine in side-swept braids as a protective style, I was simply in awe. Need I say, she’d fashionably completed her look by layering a long coat over her denim jeans and a white tee, her long braids gracefully framing her face.

It’s no wonder this fashion trend spread quickly on social media! I haven’t tried this protective style before, but if you would on our behalf, you’d need to ensure you install small-sized cornrows.

The braid extension can be added to the ends of your plaits. And if you can, ensure they hang quite long – waist length preferably. The gist of this style seems to be in the adorable hang of the braids.

African-American woman with side swept braids
Picture courtesy of @aseamae
Woman with jumbo braids
Picture courtesy of @fashionmycurves

4. Bejewelled Hair

The more bling, the better. This fall, curlies and coilies are adding a little sparkle and shine to their protective styles using gold cuffs, cowrie shells and colorful beads. Accessories give that festival feel that we can only reminisce about now that summer is behind us.

Installing jewelry on natural hair can be quite simple. You can simply wrap some copper coils around a few of your braids or string a few beads onto the ends of your braids. Most accessories are affordable and easily accessible online.

African-American women with beaded box braids
Picture courtesy of @nikeliphotography
Woman looking down with braids with multi-colored beads
Picture courtesy of @queenteshna

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Tabitha Tongoi

Tabitha Tongoi

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