When we think of flowers — especially as hair accessories — we think of dandelions or lillies in your hair as you’re enjoying a summer picnic or laying out at the beach. But just because the weather is cooler and the layers are piled on doesn’t mean that you should skip adding flowers to your look.

‘Tis the season for poinsettias: a popular Christmas flower used for decorations, drinks, and yes — even your hair! Adding these flowers can make your curls a double take-worthy look at your work holiday party, or at Christmas dinner. NaturallyCurly has rounded up our favorite poinsettia hair accessories so you can have the best festive look wherever you go.

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

Keeping it simple

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

Never rocked a hair piece before, let alone a poinsettia? Looking to keep it simple, but cute? We recommend this red poinsettia hair clip from Etsy store Unplannedwhimsy! The good thing about the headpiece is that you can add it to just about any style — wear your hair down, in an updo, half-up half-down, a bun, a ponytail — the possibilities are endless!

Flower child

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

Flower crowns are often mostly reserved for summer events like concerts, musical festivals, and weddings — but they can most certainly be incorporated into the holiday season with poinsettias! Check out this super-fab poinsettia flower crown from Etsy shop WelcomingGrace, who has a slew of holiday-themed flower crowns to wear at your fun parties this season. Let your curls down and throw on this flower crown, and you’ll definitely get some compliments with this unique spin on hair decorations for the holiday season.

Flowers fit for a royal

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got hitched back in May, it wasn’t just the bride’s dress that everyone had their eyes on — people were also eyeing what kind of headpieces the royal guests would wear to the ceremony. If you’re looking to give a little taste of the royal wedding in December, we recommend giving this head-turning poinsettia headband from MyWickedWhimsy a try at your holiday festivities this holiday season. The headband has the perfect balance of the classic red flower, and hits of gold shimmer, making this hair piece impossible to miss — and perhaps even the talk of the party.

Give them gold

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

Poinsettias don’t have to be red — gold is great if you’re heading somewhere fancy, or just want something a little extra to show off! This gold poinsettia headpiece from the Etsy shop LaCasaDelFlores is the perfect piece to add some personality to a curly updo. Check out Naturally Curly’s list of 24 updo styles for curly hair, and then add your gold poinsettia for a head-turning look!

Or give them silver!

Top 5 Poinsettia Hair Decorations

If gold isn’t your go-to accessory color, try a silver poinsettia instead! This silver poinsettia holiday hair clip from Vivid Bloom is great for those wanting to add some shimmer and shine to their holiday outfits. Have a go-to style that you don’t want to stray away from? Luckily, this hair clip can be integrated into just about any curly style — NaturallyCurly would love this look with a twist-out out or a low bun!

Know of any other cute styles to adorn with poinsettias, or any places to get cute poinsettia accessories? Share them with us in the comments below! And don’t forget to share your favorite styles with us on StyleNook!


Sydney Greene is a journalist based in Austin, Texas, who covers politics and policy by day, and all things natural hair and beauty by night. Her natural hair journey started two years ago when she transitioned from relaxed to natural hair — one of the most life-changing parts of her personal journey thus far. Sydney enjoys finding new ways to enjoy her natural hair and wants to help other naturalistas find the power in their curls and coils.