After a random run-in with an old college pal while running errands, you come over to her place on a Sunday afternoon to catch up on life.

She's changed a lot. From the looks of it, she has all her ducks in a row--the perfect family life, an amazing house and career. Not to mention, her hair is impeccably lustrous and bouncy, like the young women on magazine covers.

Wait--her kids really came from that body?

You want to ask her what her secret is, but this is your first time in years spending time with her so you don't want to pry.

Then you follow her to the kitchen and see her grab a shot glass. She offers you one. She pulls out a batch of green stuff from the fridge and suddenly, it all makes sense.

She drinks wheatgrass.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine affirms that consuming 100 milliliters of wheatgrass juice daily contributes to overall better health in the following ways:
  1. It improves circulation. Wheatgrass is proven to increase the amount of oxygen in your blood, which in turn promotes a healthier scalp that is ideal for hair growth. On your skin, it's advised to rub a wheatgrass-juice soaked cotton ball around your face and eyes to dilate the blood vessels and improve its appearance for a more natural glow and elasticity.
  2. It improves digestion. Ditch the over-the-counter indigestion relief capsules and start taking wheatgrass shots to restore the proper amount of vitamin B, amino acids, and enzymes to regulate your bowel movements. Dr. Mark Rosenberg, MD, of the Institute for Healthy Aging says that those who suffer from ulcerative colitis can take 3 ounces of wheatgrass for less rectal pain.
  3. It treats arthritis. Chlorophyll, which is in wheatgrass, is believed to ease the pain of arthritis and fight inflammation of the joints with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  4. It reduces brain fog. According to Hippocrates, your brain and body tissues function at an optimal level in a highly-oxygenated environment. Again, the chlorophyll content in wheatgrass help these things perform clearly throughout the day.
  5. It eases hangovers. Wheatgrass juice purifies the liver and neutralizes the toxins in your body quickly. Take a shot the morning after having one too many alcoholic drinks--it absorbs into your tissues quickly to ease the agony of a headache.
  6. It soothes a sore throat. You can add wheatgrass pulp to your hot tea to cure a sore throat. It's known to naturally rid the body of mucous. Or, you can chew some wheatgrass for a minute and spit it out as an alternative.
  7. It cleanses the scalp. In addition to promoting normal hair growth, wheatgrass is a natural detergent, making it great for clarifying the scalp before conditioning and opening the follicles for better absorption of essential and carrier oils. It's packed with phytonutrients and fiber that encourage stronger hair, too.
  8. It prevents tooth decay. Swish an ounce in your mouth and gargle for about a minute before rinsing it out with water. The Mayo Clinic says wheatgrass will stop and kill live bacteria in your mouth with regular use.
  9. It evens out complexion. In addition to promoting firmer skin, wheatgrass juice will lighten up the appearance of scars, due to it being rich in enzymes healthy skin needs. Eczema and psoriasis can also be treated with both topical use and drinking wheatgrass.
  10. It strengthens bones and muscles. Healing Touch says wheatgrass restores calcium loss in the body and rebuilds damaged tissue, encouraging your body to heal faster from workout aches after consumption.
  11. It boosts the immune system. Wheatgrass juice will get rid of metal from the body, as well as improve glucose and lipid levels. In addition, wheatgrass stabilizes sugar levels, making it ideal for managing diabetes naturally.
  12. It prevents cancer. Cancer thrives in a low-oxygen environment, so wheatgrass helps to keep the blood in your body oxygenated, keeping it free of cancer-causing agents.
  13. It will get rid of gray hair. Live Energized says wheatgrass and its 20 amino acids help to regenerate aging cells that cause gray or whitened hairs.

Where to purchase wheatgrass

Your local juice bar and health food store will have fresh wheatgrass available, which is known as a "middle ground solution." You may grow your own batch at home, too. Wheatgrass sprouts quickly--no more than two weeks after planting. And when grown in organic soil, wheatgrass will absorb 92 of the known 102 minerals from the earth.

How much you need to take to notice a difference in your health

It is recommended to consume three ounces, or 100 milliliters of wheatgrass, each day to notice a positive difference in your hair, skin and body. You don't have to drink it alone as a shot--many people prefer to mix it with other beneficial fruits and vegetables in a juice blender to reduce the bland taste of wheatgrass and increase the nutritional value. One teaspoon of wheatgrass is often compared to one glass of water in terms of nutrient benefits. One fresh batch should last three weeks, making wheatgrass more cost-effective than you might have thought. It is digested in the body within only minutes.

Have you tried wheatgrass?

What differences have you noticed in your hair, skin and body? Share with us in the comment section below.