Ginseng is a wonderful homeopathic and medicinal herb, with super powers that go beyond teas and recently have entered the world of beauty care as well.

The ginseng plant flourishes in Siberia, Northern China, as well as parts of Korea and Vietnam. This nutritious herb belongs to the 11 species of slow growing perennial plants. Its fleshy roots and leaves carry potent medicinal properties derive.

Here are the top 5 beauty benefits of Ginseng:

1. Combats hair loss

A healthy immune system allows the body to fight off illness and infections. Taking ginseng (capsules or teas”> helps with blood circulation and optimum oxygen adsorption by the blood. In turn, ginseng improves the internal flow of the immune system and helps prevent hair loss.

2. Fights aging

Ginseng has been acting as an anti aging treatment for many years. It promotes the body’s natural metabolism, stimulating and activating the skin to stay firm, and young. Ginseng helps in the production of natural collagen, making your skin firmer. It also rids skin of free radicals.

3. Tones the skin

Try this recipe for a homemade ginseng toner that will keep your skin fresh, firm and clean:

Stew ginseng (whole herb found at health food stores and whole food markets”> in a pot of water for two hours.

Allow it to cool, funnel it into a bottle and use daily. (keep the bottle refrigerated”>. 

4. Tightens complexion

Ginseng plant leaves contain lots of rich vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants which are great for skin , and overall health. Ginseng tea is particularly helpful for rehydrating and refining skin.

5. Treats under eye circles

Try making this mask to rid the lines and dark circles around your eyes:

Mix ginseng powder with milk or honey to form a paste. If you need to thicken the paste, add some egg white or oat flour.

Spread the paste around your eye area and allow to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Wash off and remove with warm water and splash your face with cold water before your finish.

Hair products infused with ginseng:

Yogi Ginseng Tea is a great option for getting these benefits orally. You may purchase it at your local grocery store. It’s also available online here.