With the Olympics trending worldwide, why not take some time to explore what this year’s host, Brazil, has to offer to the world of natural hair ingredients?



Acai (pronounced ah-SIGH-ee”> is known as a beauty superfruit due to its strong antioxidant properties. It is actually a small berry that’s grown in Brazil and known as the beauty berry.

  • With high amounts of  vitamins A, B, C and E and magnesium content, your roots will stay strong and healthy.
  • If you suffer from hair loss, the zinc and folic acid in Acai can prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth.
  • Acai’s ability to naturally prevent frizz makes it a common ingredient in smoothing products.

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Andiroba grows from one of the largest trees in the Amazon rainforest, growing up to 40 meters tall.

  • It is often used for scalp massages in salons.
  • The oil extracted from the tree’s seeds is particularly effective for those who suffer from eczema or dry scalp. It is naturally rich in fatty acids, which prevent dryness and replenish moisture.
  • Andiroba can deeply penetrate the hair shaft and act as a sealant, making it another frizz fighting ingredient.

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Also known as the Brazil Cherry, this small red fruit grows from the Pitanga tree.

  • Pitanga oil works wonders for those who overproduce sebum on the scalp. This makes it a common ingredient choice for products that combat greasy hair.

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Brazil Nut

Brazil nuts are birthed from a tree only found in South America, and of course the country of Brazil. Brazil nut oil is extracted from the nuts and is found in many beauty, skincare and hair products. Here’s why:

  • Emollient properties make this an ideal ingredient for dry skin, and is often used as a massage oil to soothe and moisturize the skin.
  • The nuts are nutrient-rich and offer amazing benefits for your hair. Selenium is a trace mineral found in Brazil nuts that can improve conditions for hair growth and length retention.
  • Brazil nut oil is known to provide hair with a natural sheen because of its omega-3 fatty acid content.

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Pracaxi oil stems from the Pracaxi trees found in Northern Brazil.

  • It contains organic acids and antibacterial properties used for centuries to heal wounds, spots and psoriasis.
  • Due to its high level of lignoceric acid, this oil also is an amazing moisturizer for the hair and can be combined with other oils to create the ultimate hair moisturizer.

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Turns out, Brazil is the birthplace of many of the ingredients found in popular hair products.

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