It is essential that we keep our hair moisturized during the winter months because curly hair is more prone to dryness and breakage. This means that we have to take the extra time to properly moisturize our hair from the roots to the ends. Many curlies use the LOC Method to properly moisturize their curls. This method can be adjusted based on your personal preference, but each step is intended to seal moisture. Since the winter months are approaching, some curlies have to change their regimen and hair products. A thick hair oil enhances to a curly’s winter regimen because it will provide more protection due to the colder weather. The oil can help seal the moisture from the leave-in conditioner or butter/cream that is applied to your hair. Thick oil can also protect your ends by preventing breakage and lessening split ends, especially from rubbing against your favorite winter sweaters and scarves. In addition, thick oil will give your hair long-lasting moisture where you will not have to moisturize your hair as often. If you are looking for a new thick oil to add to your regimen, try these five oils.

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