It seems like every time you turn around, a new superfood is being praised.

From coconut oil to avocados, the curly hair world has a ton of tried and true natural remedies for those taking a DIY approach, or anyone taking care to read the ingredient lists (hint, that should be everyone). It's kiwi on deck this time around, but do keep this in mind: not everything works for every hair type! Sometimes we have to go through a few different trending ingredients to find what works for us, and there's nothing wrong with that. Every curly has different needs! And now, for those of us with worries about premature signs of aging hair, it's kiwi's turn to shine, and help your curls do the same!

Take a look at what this tangy tropical treatment can do for you!

Preventing Early Graying

One of the biggest benefits of kiwi for hair is that it can help prevent premature color loss and graying. Kiwi flesh contains copper, one of the trace elements our bodies need to function properly. While graying is an inevitable, and beautiful, part of maturing curls, graying at an early age can be indicative of not getting enough of those smaller concentrations of metals and minerals in your diet. Slice some kiwifruit into your breakfast smoothie and get your pennies' worth!

Fighting Hair Loss

Nothing encourages growth like getting all your fruits and veggies, right? Right. Kiwi can help you with hair loss and slow growth because it's packed with essential vitamins, such as vitamins C and E, as important trace minerals like zinc, magnesium, and phosphorous—all of which work together to fight hair loss. How, you ask? It's all on the inside. These nutrients are known to stimulate blood circulation, which is essential for a healthy scalp and hair growth (as well as life in general). Think of it as a way to massage your scalp from the inside! And as we know, the healthier your scalp is, the less likely you are to lose strands at an accelerated rate. In fact, having the right amount of vitamin C in your diet specifically can make a difference in a major way! According to Progressive Health, "When you have enough vitamin C in your system, you will have the nutrients you need to help produce collagen, which is necessary for healthy skin, bones, ligaments, muscles and blood tissues." We're not arguing with that.

Combating Dryness

So you're eating kiwi. Great! They're delicious. But what if you're looking for a more topical solution? Grab your juicer, you can do that too! Because kiwifruit is acidic (that's the vitamin C), you'll want to keep metals away from your mixture, so break out the plastic juicers and wooden forks. And unless you feel like being the bees' best friends the rest of the day, you'll want to make sure any DIY treatment with kiwi is a rinse-out one. Just because we all want to save them doesn't mean they can't be a little distracting after all. Strain (and eat!) any chunky bits with a cheesecloth, funnel the juice into a spray bottle, and use as a moisture boosting pre-poo!

If you aren't interested in a DIY approach, you can still get in on the action. You can opt for hair care products that have kiwi as part of their formula such as Creme of Nature's Kiwi & Citrus Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo, or ORS' Curls Unleashed Sage & Kiwi Intense Hair Conditioner, to add it to your washing and conditioning routine. You can even get it in styling products like SoCozy Behave Medium Hold Peachy-Keen Styling Mousse!

Are you ready to try this fuzzy powerhouse in your curls? Have you already? Let us know in the comments!