Come Celebrate Earth Month!


2010-01-27 12:00:30

Come Celebrate Earth Month!

April is Earth Month, and NaturallyCurly can help you look good while respecting Mother Nature

earth month

This Earth Month, hug a tree — or better yet, plant one!

April is Earth Month, a time when everything looks a little greener as we focus on environmental sustainability. Individuals, communities and companies take this opportunity to launch and recognize their green initiatives.

For example, hair-care company Aveda is dedicated to raising $3 million for global and local clean water projects by holding 6K walks, which are meant to be symbolic of the average distance women in developing countries walk on a daily basis to get water for their families. Origins is launching the “Return to Origins” Recycling Program, which facilitates a nationwide recycling effort of cosmetics packaging. Beginning March 29, you can bring your bottles, tubes, caps, jars, and compacts —regardless of brand — to the more than 450 Origins retail stores and department store counters nationwide, where dedicated recycling receptacles will be set up for drop off.

We've compiled a collection of "green" articles on NaturallyCurly to help you look good while helping Mother Earth.

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