Curly Hair Blogger Takes a No-Product Challenge

2011-11-08 09:50:21

Curly Hair Blogger Takes a No-Product Challenge

Curly hair blogger Freddi shares her journey through a month without hair products.

Week Two

So these first and second weeks are really me just trying a bunch of different things.

I made an herbal spray to refresh my curls using rosemary, rose petals, lavender and peppermint. I simply poured hot water over it all and let it sit for a bit and strained it. I added a few drops of tea tree oil as well.

I also started to French braid my bangs. I braided it when it was still a bit wet and then went to bed. When I woke up, I undid the braid, sprayed it a bit with water, put some of my marshmallow root conditioner through it and shook it out. I was really impressed. I had volume and nice defined curls and no frizz!

I'm settling in nicely to not using any product. I'm still trying to work out how I should be washing my hair, though. Right now, after I wash my hair, I put some marshmallow conditioner through it, detangle it and spray it and seal it with a bit of olive oil and rose oil. Then I pineapple at night so that I just have to take it out in the morning and see how much work it needs. Normally, I just have to put some water in it and then a bit of conditioner and oil.

Once a week, I make a hot oil treatment, which has been the best so far, and I'm able to get wonderful second and third day hair. I just still have to figure out how to wash it...

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thank you for all your lovely comments ladies! im sorry it took so long for me to reply. yes it was more of a no traditional product challange. i did only use natural stuff and still do! now looking back on this im so glad i did it. one in a half years latter, i still kinda follow this. in that i still dont use any gels or hair spray, no sulfates or cones, i try to keep it as natural as i can. Though i dont have time any more to make most of my own things. the winter is doing a number on my hair though im getting through. my hair has also gotten alot longer, there im just shoulder length now im touching BSL. :) thanks again for reading
Beautiful hair you've got there! Shampoo-free hair/scalpwashing: mix 3 Ts conditioner with 1 Ts (acacia)honey and then with 1 Ts AVG. Massage on damp scalp and through (toweldry/damp) hair. Put it in a showercap and let it sit for aprox. 30 min. Rinse thouroughly. HTH! It is originally a recipe for a Moisturising treatment and I use it on my sensitive scalp and I think it's great, especially because I can't do co-washing.
I forgot to mention, your hair does look uber healthy by the end of the 4 weeks. Congrats on the new hair growth! I'm going to try some of your oil concoctions. I've been using a blend my cousin made for me of organic grapeseed, rosemary, lavender, olive, jojoba, and spearmint oils. It's really helping to lessen the frizz, increase shine, and moisturize my hair and scalp. But it's running low and she has a newborn to care for now. I wanna make some infused rosemary oil and then add in some other oils and make my own oil treatments. I also wanna try hot oil treatments. Haven't done one since I was a kid in the 80's. Lol. Thanks again for your awesome blog. ;o)
I mean no traditional "styling" products. Well I'm happy you had a successful go-round. As for cleansing your hair w/o shampoo, I use a cleansing bar from Chagrin Valley Soaps. It's all natural ingredients and you can even get some that are organic. I have 3c/4a hair and I don't like co-washing because my hair doesn't feel clean. The bars from CV clean w/o stripping. I love them! ;o)
Beautiful hair Congratz :) I am sorry but doesn't shampoo, conditioner and oils qualify as 'products'?
It's amazing how well your hair responded to the change in products! It's beautiful, and congratulations. However, it doesn't appear that you went "product-free". You just changed from standard chemical products to a regimen of natural ones, and it doesn't seem altogether practical for long-term.