When you think of garlic, you think of that wonderful herb added to many of your favorite meals or the smell you love to hate! Aside from this, did you know that garlic is a great natural ingredient to use for hair and scalp care? If you don't wash properly and enough, your scalp can suffer by becoming greasy, dry, or flaky scalp with clogged pores.

Many curlies and naturals opt for products and hair care methods that include 100% natural ingredients. Garlic is a great one to introduce to your routine as it contains vitamin C, sulphur, copper and essential minerals that promote hair growth. The garlic stimulates blood flow to the scalp resulting in growth and protects it from any toxins and bacteria.

The smell of garlic may put you off even trying its amazing benefits but there are ways around this! Many of the ready-made garlic hair products are unscented and if you go the DIY route adding some ginger to the mixture can also tame the smell.

Garlic in your products

Some of your favorite shampoos may already have a garlic additive included, like these two great garlic-based shampoos that are curly hair friendly:

DIY garlic recipes

Instead of buying a garlic shampoo you can also simply add some garlic juice to your existing products. As frequent use of garlic can dry out the scalp try adding the juice to some honey and use as a scalp treatment for moisture.

If you would prefer to take the DIY route you can use a crushed garlic clove and apply it directly onto the scalp then follow up with massaging in olive oil, leave this on the hair for 30 to 60 minutes or sleep overnight before rinsing out. You can try the DIY garlic hair shedding scalp clarifying recipe below.

If you haven’t found a solution for your scalp problems or are suffering from hair loss give garlic a chance! It may be the magic ingredient you have been missing.

Garlic scalp stimulator

If shedding and clogged pores are a concern for you, this homemade recipe has been proven to work. Warning: Although it is effective, the smell might be off putting!

What you'll need

  • 1 tbsp of aloe gel
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • 1 tbsp of garlic juice
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 3 tbsp of chamomile (tea bag content is fine to use)
  • 24 fluid oz of water


  1. Peel garlic and use a garlic press to squeeze the juice out
  2. Mix in honey and place the bowl in the fridge
  3. Boil water with chamomile tea for about 30 minutes, stir occasionally
  4. When tea is done, take the bowl with honey and garlic juice out of the fridge
  5. Stir an egg yolk into the garlic juice and honey mix
  6. Add aloe gel to the garlic honey mix

How to use it

  1. Gently rub all of the garlic honey mix into your scalp
  2. Wrap a towel around your head
  3. Keep the towel on for 20 minutes and wash once with a neutral shampoo
  4. Rub in the second egg yolk and wash off using only warm water
  5. To finish off, wash your hair off with the previously prepared chamomile tea