An old-school hair product on the curly "no list" makes a surprise comeback.

Words of Caution

Despite the praises I've sung about hair grease, keep in mind that it's not for everyone. Some may hate the smell and texture, and fine haired curlies should beware the product!

But let’s face it, for $2 to $3 a jar at your local beauty supply store, it's worth a try. Here are a few extra things to keep in mind if you want to add hair grease to your regimen.

  1. Less is more! If you think you've taken enough out of the jar, put about half back and then apply the rest to your hair. Hair grease is very concentrated and can make your hair an oily mess very quickly. Try layering very, very small amounts of grease, and if you feel you have applied too little, it probably means you're using just enough.
  2. Don't use it on your scalp! Hair grease should not be applied to your scalp, since it  can block pores, irritate your scalp and cause a whole host of issues. Make sure to use it only on the length of your hair.
  3. Use sulfate shampoos and wash more often! There's a catch to using hair grease. Due to its chemical makeup, co-washing isn't enough to remove grease from your hair. Only a sulfate and/or clarifying shampoo will work to remove grease from your hair. If you fail to heed this advice, you can find yourself suffering from really bad build up.
  4. Use a water based moisturizer first! Regardless of how our parents used it back in the day, hair grease is NOT a moisturizer. In and of itself, grease has no moisturizing properties. It should only be used as a sealant after applying a water based moisturizer. It should never be used alone unless your trying to lock in water after having saturated the hair.

Want More?

Join the CurlTalk conversation: Are you using grease? How are you using it?

Final Thoughts

There you have it ladies — the breakdown on hair grease. As I sit here contemplating whether or not I’ll begin to start using grease again, I’m keeping my eyes open for the post on Jherri curl juice as a leave-in.

By the way, if anyone knows where I can purchase some Soul Glo, please leave a comment below. I like to be ahead of the trend because I have a feeling that this one will be making a comeback too.


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I use African's Best Seven Oil on my 3b hair when it it gets dry and frizzy. I love the smell!
Hence, Miss Jessie products, its just grease whipped until its fluffy.....
Another thought on this that I forgot to mention before: read labels carefully. If your current Pomade or similar product has petrolatum as one of the first (main) ingredients and you love that product, you would probably do well to switch to inexpensive hair grease. There is no reason to spend $18 for 8 ounces of what amounts to $2 worth of grease. If your favorite product has mineral oil as one of the main ingredients, you might as well spend $1 for a bottle of straight mineral oil. You can add your own fragrance and use it carefully and your results will be the same.
I actually do use Lustrasilk Right on Curl activator on occasion for a leave-in. It has some amount of a silicone in it but very little. This means I can wash it right out with using sulfate shampoos. The stick to my hair quality of hair grease along with the smell, the greasy forehead makes me never want to use it again. I much prefer African's Best Seven Oil which is mostly natural and also costs very little at discount and drug stores. I love spending just a little, but grease is not worth it to me.