Summer is upon us, and many of you may be needing a vacation. In these tough economic times, you may be tempted to stay close to home. But there ways to go to your dream destinations without breaking the bank.

Vacation rentals through sites such as allow you to rent a whole home in destinations around the world for about half the cost of a hotel, and they come with added perks such as full kitchens that allow you to dine in and save even more money.

Check out some of HomeAway properties around the United States, along with our tips on how to care for your curls once you get there.

  • Destination: Cape Cod, MA
  • Accommodations: Two-bedroom, one-bath waterfront cottage
  • Curl Rx: Expect classic Cape Cod summer days with temperatures in the 70s to 80s, with light, salty, breezy nights. Hot, humid days are uncommon on the Cape, which means less of a battle with frizz. But you should still protect your hair from the salt and sun with leave-in conditioners and hats.

  • Destination: Sanibel Island, FL
  • Accommodations: Two-bedroom, beachfront condominium
  • Curl Rx: Get ready for hot, humid days in this gorgeous beach-front destination. June is the rainy season, with showers and thunderstorms continuing through September. So break out your best frizz-control products and a leave-in conditioner, and always have a Plan B, whether it is a fun headband or a colorful barrette.

  • Destination: Seattle, WA
  • Accommodations: One-bedroom luxury condominium in the heart of Belltown
  • Curl Rx: Although Seattle is known for its rain most of the year, summer temperatures hover around a pleasant, dry 75. So a gel or styling cream will keep your curls looking beautiful as you peruse the Pike Place Market.

  • Destination: Coronado Island, CA
  • Accommodations: Four-bedroom, 3672-square-foot housewith a pool. Walking distance from the ocean.
  • Curl Rx: Get ready for near-perfect curl conditions, with days in the 70s and cool nights. Make sure to protect your ringlets from the sun and surf with UV protecting products as you enjoy some of the country’s best beaches.

  • Destination: Hanalei, Kauai
  • Accommodations: One-bedroom, 1-bathroom house near the beach and mountains
  • Curl Rx: Balmy tropical weather means bringing your frizz-control products. Also, protect your locks from UV rays with protects that offer protection. Wear a hat or a leave-in conditioner when you’re on the beach.

  • Curl Rx: The warmest month of the year is July, with an average maximum temperature of 80 degrees. Although heat won’t be an issue, you’ll be close to the ocean, so prepare for some humidity. Bring along some leave-in conditioner and a good humidity-resistant styling product to keep your curls frizz-free and beautiful.

Even in these challenging economic times, believes you deserve a summer vacation. You deserve the right to de-stress, reconnect with your family and travel in style. That’s why HomeAway has launched its Save Our Summer Vacations initiative to petition Congress for a National Vacation Day. The company is also sponsoring a contest to reward the person most deserving of a vacation.

HomeAway is giving people the opportunity to share their story for the chance to win a $10,000 vacation getaway. Two runners-up each will receive a $5,000 trip.

As part of the contest, consumers can submit a video or photo explaining why they deserve to have their summer vacation saved by HomeAway. The entry period runs from today through July 2, 2009, when the public will have the chance to vote on the person they believe most deserves a vacation. The voting period ends July 16, 2009, when a panel of judges will select the winner from the top 15 vote-getters based on creativity, originality and effectiveness at expressing their need for a vacation. Winners will be announced on or around July 28, 2009.

Michelle Breyer

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