Do ingredients matter? According to our Texture Trends market research, 95% of curly haired women think so. We know you love your YouTube gurus and delight in a good sale, but when it comes to making purchases our research found that the number one determining factor for curly haired women purchasing products is ingredients. This relatively new phenomenon is impacting the way we make our purchases, and consumers are now so well-versed in the language of labels that the industry has begun to take their demands into consideration when formulating new products. We gathered a panel of influential players in the industry to talk about the ingredients we place on our hair and bodies every day, and how curly women have changed the ingredient game. 

NaturallyCurly's Co-Founder Michelle Breyer hosted a Live Google Hangout with Richelieu Dennis, CEO of SheaMoisture, Jessica Lewis, the blogger behind MahoganyCurls®, Erica Douglas, the cosmetic chemist behind Sister Scientist and CEO of mSEED Group, and NaturallyCurly Editor Amanda Starghill.

Our panel addressed live questions from viewers on everything from parabens to porosity, and no matter how well you know your labels we bet you'll learn a thing or two.

Watch the Video

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