The DIY trend is nothing new. Women have been whipping up concoctions for their hair and skin since the beginning of time. Just because it is a common thing for most curlies doesn’t mean everyone is familiar with the pros and cons of DIY beauty products. Whether you are new to the DIY trend or you have never really thought about the possible negatives to your usual at-home concoctions, here is a brief list of the pros and cons of DIY beauty products.

The Pros of DIY

You can trust the ingredients

One of the best things about making a DIY beauty product is you know the ingredients are safe and non-toxic. When you purchase a hair or skin care product at the store, you have to study labels to find the ones that meet your standards. Sometimes, even products that claim to be all-natural have added ingredients such as fragrances which can be grating to your skin or other chemical compounds that are not necessarily great for you. With at-home blends, you know the ingredients are natural!

You can customize it

When you make your own beauty products at home, you can create exactly what you want, unlike store bought products. If your hair needs a boost of protein, but without added fragrance or added sulfates, you can whip up something that focuses on the protein element without all the unnecessary frills. Do you prefer a certain essential oil? Are you allergic to a particular type of oil? By taking a DIY approach to self-care, you can make something just right for you.

Natural ingredients are in your kitchen

Have you ever run out of your favorite shampoo, styler, or conditioner at the worst possible moment? Of course, you have! When you don’t have time to run to the store, you can find a ton of options using the ingredients you already have on hand. Thanks to the Internet and the fact that the DIY craze is so popular, you can find a recipe with just about any ingredients you have on hand.

Save money

There is no denying that beauty products can be costly, especially if you are aiming for the quality you rightfully deserve. With at-home treatments, from facials to hair masks, you can save a little bit of money. Why buy something expensive when you can whip up a concoction that gives the same results?

It is fast, fun, and easy

As if all those pros weren’t enough for you, let’s not forget that making a few DIY beauty products here and there is fast, fun, and easy. Most recipes take only a few minutes to create and you don’t need to be a chemist to create the perfect solution for your beauty needs. It is also fun to make something with your hands. You will get a sense of accomplishment, as well as beautiful skin and hair which sounds like a pretty fair return!

The Cons of DIY

Slower results

This is one of the bigger drawbacks to making at-home beauty products. You may see results faster if you use store-bought products than DIY blends. Obviously, it depends on the recipe, ingredients, and what you are trying to treat. For example, if you do a frizz fighter recipe for hair, you will get more instantaneous results than a dry skin recipe. It depends on many factors, but in general, store bought products tend to give faster results than DIY recipes.

Short shelf life

Another thing about at-home beauty products is that they have a shorter shelf life than store bought products. At-home products using natural ingredients are more prone to bacteria and mold. While most recipes will tell you how long a recipe will last safely, it depends on the environment you store it in as well, but it is based on the ingredients. For example, if you make a recipe with perishables such as milk or eggs, you need to use it right away or within a day or two to avoid it spoiling. While this may seem like a con, and for some curlies it is a hassle, the good news is that the reason your at-home beauty products spoil is because they are free of the chemicals found in store bought products! Store-bought beauty products contain preservatives to keep the ingredients from having a short life span.

DIY beauty products can be a great way to treat yourself or used as part of your regular routine. No matter when you use them, they have more pros than cons which is beauty you can feel good about!