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Do you have stubborn dandruff that does not rinse away after you shampoo your hair? This could be a sign that you need to exfoliate your scalp for a deeper cleaning.

Why do you need to exfoliate your scalp?

Exfoliating your scalp will help withdraw impurities and dead skin cells that build up on the scalp’s surface. Although your scalp sheds dead skins through a natural process called keratinization, using exfoliants can help balance sebum production, remove sticky flakes, and create a healthy environment for your hair to grow to its full potential.

Try calcium bentonite clay instead of shampoo

Trichopure is a hair and scalp mask that gently pulls out dirt, bacteria, and oil on the surface of the scalp while reducing excessive hair fall. Instead of shampoo, I recommend Trichopure to my clients, because the mask is designed to gently lift buildup and it can be used as often as every other day for scalp conditions that require frequent cleansing. Trichopure will not cause dry hair or a dry scalp, making it a great alternative to shampoo since shampoo can be drying when used too often, especially multiple times a week. I also recommend the Trichopure mask to clients who have sensitivities to cleansing ingredients in shampoos as well.

Trichopure has pure calcium bentonite in it, which is a clay with antibiotic properties. When applied to your scalp, the clay helps to treat skin infections and increase the healing time of bruises caused by scratching the scalp. I tell clients to use it in place of a co-wash product, because it will not leave product buildup on the hair or scalp. Product buildup can also cause the scalp to flake, but the flakes from the ingredients in the co-wash product should not be confused with dandruff.

If you have an oily scalp, using Trichopure is better than using shampoo. It contains cedarwood oil to help balance sebum production and the tea tree oil in it which has antibacterial and antifungal properties to reduce flakes.

How to cleanse your scalp

If you use Trichopure, there is no need to use a scalp brush, as this can be irritating to the scalp if the brush is used to agitate the scalp. A scalp brush works better when using shampoo to cleanse the hair and scalp, because the brush helps remove flakes thoroughly.

When using Trichopure, you simply need to wet your hair and scalp and apply the mask to your entire scalp and hair. Allow the mask to sit on the head for 20-30 minutes. You will notice that the clay gets hard as it sits on your scalp. This is normal. Gently rinse the product off and proceed to condition your hair. There is no need to use shampoo after the mask is rinsed out.

You may want to use the mask once a month if your hair and scalp is healthy. Use the mask to detox your scalp and for the overall health of your hair.

If you suffer from dandruff or another scalp problem, use the mask two times a week or every other day until your flakes are under control.

If you are looking for a natural remedy to reverse excessive hair shedding, try Trichopure. It is important that the mask be used no less than two times a week to lessen the shedding. This mask has peppermint oil in it to stimulate hair growth and jojoba oil to help retain moisture. When shopping for a scalp exfoliator, look for ingredients similar to those in Trichopure. You will not have to worry about scalp irritation or dryness unless you have a sensitivity to one of the ingredients in the product.

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Have you ever used a scalp exfoliator? What was your experience?