Crazy hairstyles at Bronner Brothers

Creativity is on display at Bronner Brothers

Around every corner, there was something else spectacular and jaw-dropping—whether it be hair fashioned into a cube or a bare-chested man with long, flowing curls.

Welcome to Bronner Brothers.

Kinky curly hair turned into art at Jane Carter

Jane Carter Solution model expresses his curl pride

The show was founded in 1947 by Nathaniel H. Bronner Sr. and his brother, Arthur Bronner Sr. It is recognized as the largest beauty and trade show of its kind in the world.

Incredible hair creations were on display everywhere—from the models on stages to the people attending the show.

Bare-chested man captured attention of stylists

Models, clothed and unclothed, promoted hair products

One of the highlights of Sunday's show was the Grab Bag Competition. In this contest, contestants are only allowed to use products that they are given in a grab bag. Stylist must give his or her model a hairstyle that will complement her outfit. Styles on stage included braids, twists, updos and more.

Grab Bag contestants show off their creations

Grab Bag Contestants show off their creations

Natural hairstyles had a bigger presence at the show than ever before. In addition to the abundance of new products for people wearing their hair natural, there were many educational opportunities for stylists who work for natural hair.

Creativity with the razor was one of the highlights

Model expresses his style with his hair

Taliah Waajid, a natural hair expert, gathered a group of stylists to share her more than 25 years of experience living and working with natural hair. Many of the stylists in the room worked exclusively with natural hair, while others had seen their clientele of chemical-free clients rise steadily over the past five years.

Mizani showcases hairstyles

Mizani showcases extraordinary styles at its booth

"There's a lot more versatility when you wear your hair chemical-free," said Waajid, who launched her line of natural hair products in 1996. "When they came out, there was nothing for people who were chemical-free."

Hair color spanned the rainbow

Hair color spanned the shades of the rainbow

hairstyles of all shapes and textures

Models wore styles of all shapes and textures

Crowds at Bronner Brothers

Crowds poured into Bronner Brothers show, sporting their own unique styles