My favorite part of myself?

What I love about myself is the ability to connect with people and feel their energy. Especially being of mixed heritage, it’s like I can experience life from different perspectives and create an opportunity where cultures feel equally understood. 

My personal style is classic, comfortable and minimalistic. My motto: “less is more."

I like to wear natural make-up, rock my curly fro and wear flats most of the time because that’s what makes me feel good. Don’t get it twisted, I enjoy dressing up and wearing a nice fitted midi dress and pair of pumps, but my everyday look is easy and effortless because comfort is my priority. 

I’ve dealt with self-identity issues my entire life, comparing myself to others and feeling the need to fit in, especially being bi-racial. Also, I have been 5’8 since I was in middle school; I was uncoordinated and awkward. I stuck out like a sore thumb and got picked on for being different.

It wasn’t until after college that I conquered my self-identity issues.

That was when I cut off my hair and ended negative relationships that I felt were weighing me down. I learned to embrace my tallness and use it to my advantage by modeling and playing sports.

I’ve dealt with self-identity issues my entire life, comparing myself to others and feeling the need to fit in, especially being bi-racial. 

The beauty industry is slowly becoming more inclusive in showing different perspectives of beauty, from body type to ethnicity.

I would like to see brands be consistent in showing the many attributes of beauty not just showing the token 'woman of color or plus-size model' for the campaign, but to actually be consistent in their messaging. Representation matters and the more we can shine a light on positive female role models who are embracing their natural beauty, from all perspectives, the more it will become the norm.

I truly feel like I am my only competition and everything I need is within, I just simply have to believe in myself. The more I embrace who I am and know my power, the more confident I become. This is truly a process that I’m working towards everyday. Simple things play a part in this, such as eating healthy, making time to work out, getting enough rest and being able to give and receive love. Also, it’s important that I surround myself around positive people who uplift me such as my family, friends and boyfriend who constantly motivate me and remind me of my power. 

Everyday I wake up, I express gratitude for a new day filled with new opportunities and read an inspiring quote to provide motivation for the day to remind myself that I’m limitless.

I like to start my day with a good run and even better breakfast because the older I get, I’ve realized that those things matter. By incorporating some sort of physical activity whether its cardiac or yoga, it helps you become mentally and physically strong which equates to self-confidence. I feel that the more aware we are of ourselves, the more aware we become as individuals and empower those around us to embrace their uniqueness.

How do you cultivate inner confidence through your 'imperfections'?

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