Ouidad Q&A: How Can I Create Loose Curls?

2011-11-03 13:22:37

Ouidad Q&A: How Can I Create Loose Curls?

Combine a leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz styling gel to tame tighter curls and smooth flyaways.

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Dear Ouidad:

I was debating a Curl Softening Treatment to soften my 4b curls to create loose curls like Corinne Bailey Rae's. Is that possible, and is the Curl Softening Treatment permanent?


I would definitely recommend a softening treatment to get the look you’re looking for. But remember to work with your natural (and beautiful!) curl texture before trying any type of treatment. However, if you do want to create loose curls, make sure you use a gentle Softening Treatment like I have in my New York and Santa Monica Salons. The Softening Treatment is meant to gently create loose curls without the harsh chemicals found in most relaxers.

If you’re just looking for an easier way to style your tight curls, try pairing a leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz styling gel Rake & Shake technique to apply Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel.



hi i forgot to tell you this can be use to create curls also you just wash hair towel dry section it spray each section then blow dry after whole head is done hair will strait now if you want long lasting curls take a curling iron ( one that heats up real good 450 degree or close to it ) section hair you want to curl and curl away when you curl make sure to do like the flat iron in other words leave on a few seconds do it a couple times