As a first-generation American, Bri Hall has been determined to carve out her space in the cultural zeitgeist as long as she could remember. Her position as an artist, social media creator, and motivational speaker has garnered her a loyal following of peers who gravitate to her commanding voice, personality, and unbridled passion for activism. In 2022 she’s adding podcast host to her growing empire with the “Count to Ten” podcast which is set to debut on January 18, 2022. In her podcast (available on all major streaming platforms”> she features an array of guests who will be discussing everything from natural hair, race, politics, and fashion. The podcasts feature intimate discussions on marginalized topics that sheds light on the struggles of everyday people across various identities and communities. 

We were delighted to chat with Bri ahead of the podcast launch regarding her natural hair journey, social media presence, and the inception of her “Count to Ten” podcast.

Bri Hall Brings Natural Hair to The Mic In Her Count to Ten Podcast

Tell our readers a few facts about you

  1. Being first generation on my mom’s side. I was born in New York to a Jamaican family and was the first American born child which has shaped a lot of my identity growing up.
  2. I’m a self-taught artist and have been creative since the age of 2.
  3. Finally, I’m a big nerd and hair enthusiast and love the science behind things. I enjoy studying patterns and experimentation which made an organic interest into natural hair.

How would you describe your natural hair journey?

My natural journey was an emotional roller coaster in the beginning. I didn’t have many people to reference when I went natural so I used social media and as a source for information. The interesting aspect about my journey was that it took 3 attempts for me to fully go natural before I committed to the process. I describe it in 3 phases:

  1. The 3 month hurdle when you start to see the first inch of growth but it’s not that visible yet.
  2. The 6 month hurdle where you have a few inches of growth which in my opinion is the hardest cause you’re challenged with having to blend your hair and find styles that work.
  3. The 9 month hurdle is like the ultimate stress point where you’re seeing breakage and having to decide if you want to chop off your hair or leave it as is.

Bri Hall Brings Natural Hair to The Mic In Her Count to Ten Podcast

If you could give three characteristics to your relationship with your hair, what would they be?

I would say personality, resilience, and fun. I have a lot of fun doing my hair and find it very therapeutic. 

Your YouTube debut occurred in 2013 with your “Curly Hair Routine”, you’ve since created hundreds of tutorials, clips, and behind-the scenes content of your hair, how did the storytelling component of your hair change?

My hair journey has changed massively because in that first YouTube video I was still silk pressing my hair and just graduating highschool. My texture was a lot looser back then and people got to see how transitioning different hair colors changed my hair pattern. I now prioritize my hair health but back then I viewed my hair as an accessory. I now view my hair as an extension of who I am and it’s a spiritual experience.

What were common misconceptions you experienced with your hair when you began building your social presence on other platforms?

I misconstrued how much people would care about my hair on social media. My first foray into social was on YouTube and it was a fluke because I planned for it to be one video and that was it. I didn’t plan to make myself an influencer or to continue with the process until my video started gaining traction and views. When people began requesting certain topics or asking questions it became this massive platform.

What inspired you to create your “Count to Ten” podcast?

During the beginning of the pandemic I was having real time to have honest conversations with family, friends, colleagues, and people in my network that was enlightening and made me wish these topics could be had in a public forum. I decided that creating a podcast was the perfect platform to give marginalized people the space to speak their authentic truth. Coming up with the name was pretty tricky and it came from a moment of stress when I reminded myself to “Count to Ten”. 

Bri Hall Brings Natural Hair to The Mic In Her Count to Ten Podcast

In your first podcast episode you explore the politics of natural hair with The CROWN Act, in your opinion, how has hair been politicized in the United States?

Hair has been politicized since the inception of the United States. If you look into slavery and the Trans Atlantic slave trade, women were required to cover their hair because it was deemed to seductive or enticing. Our hair impacts the way we make money, relationships, how people relate to us, and our safety. For example, I had a friend who was working at iHop who was instructed to cut their hair or they would be fired because their locs weren’t viewed as clean to the customers. The type of hair we have can be viewed as acceptable or unacceptable. 

Your podcast episode also features an interview with Keziah Dhamma of Swirly Curly, what did you learn about the business of natural hair?

I learned that startup and funding in your concept can be really challenging, the prototyping and idea are the easier parts for entrepreneurs but funding is an uphill battle.

In episode 104 with Darian Harvan, you discuss the intersectionality of beauty/pop culture/ and politics, what impact has the natural hair movement had on pop culture at large?

The natural hair movement has a positive and negative impact on pop culture because we’ve seen these epidemics of Blackfishing and people trying to aspire to racial ambiguity. When Black women championed the natural hair movement it wasn’t exclusive to us, but for all curly hair, but what we’re seeing is an infiltration where people see this celebration is up for consumption. When Black women started celebrating our hair and texture we started seeing appropriation of box braids and protective styles. In my opinion maintaining our space and taking up space without it being overshadowed or challenged is the hardest.

Bri Hall Brings Natural Hair to The Mic In Her Count to Ten Podcast

What can we look forward to from Bri Hall in 2022?

More of my voice because I feel like I have a lot to say. I’m Black, a woman, have a disability, first generation, part of the LGBTQ community which gives me multiple perspectives based on my experience. Activism and philanthropy are major parts of my life and people will see more of what I have to offer as do the amazing guests I will be featuring on my podcast.

It will be available to listen on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, iHeartRadio, Overcast, PocketCasts, and more.


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