Its a 10 Founder Carolyn Aronson Talks Deep Conditioning and Entrepreneurship

Carolyn Aronson has been trail blazing even before she became the CEO and founder of It’s a 10 haircare. Her career in beauty began with a successful tenure as a hair stylist and salon owner which propelled her desire to create a salon-quality hair care brand that would actually deliver upon the results it promised. It’s a 10 haircare line has become a global hair care brand that is sold within salons and popular retail chains like Ulta and Regis. The staple product is their “Miracle Leave-In” which is beloved by naturalistas alike for its luxurious quality and powerful ingredients like sunflower seed extract, green tea leaf extract, and silk amino acids. Carolyn has used the success of her brand to champion her love of philanthropy and supporting diversity through community initiatives and using it’s national recognition to showcase the beauty of all hair types. We’re excited to chat with her about her entrepreneurial success, early ideation of her business, and tips for helping improve deep conditioning.

What was your relationship to your hair growing up? 

At 6 years old, I took my bangs and started to wear a side part. This empowered me and made me understand how changing your hair could not only change your appearance but also make one feel different inside as well. When I was eight, I already knew I wanted to be a hairdresser. I was very blessed at a young age to know my purpose in life was to give people the empowerment of changing their appearance. By 16, I was working on my license to become a cosmetologist and by 18, I was a hairdresser. My first entry level position was apprenticing under a busy hairdresser at a high-end salon.

What was your journey like from stylist to brand founder?

It was a whole new learning experience. It took years of training and learning from mistakes to finally truly understand it. I was not going to give up even after my first company failed.

If you could describe “It’s A 10” in three words, what would they be? 

Instant, miracle, results.

Its a 10 Founder Carolyn Aronson Talks Deep Conditioning and Entrepreneurship

How did you come up with your brand name?

Each of my products provide 10 different benefits. When I first came up with the line, I was frustrated by how many products I have to use to achieve the result I wanted. Instead I created one product that would achieve all 10 things in 1 bottle with ultimate quality. Hence, It’s A 10. 

What were the hallmarks of your entrepreneurial experience?

I have three hallmarks that stand out: A super bowl commercial, becoming the #1 selling leave-in conditioner in the country, and creating a national hair holiday registered in the book of calendars called National Love Your Hair Day on October 10th. 

Your star product is the “Miracle Leave-In” what attributes of this product make it a must-have item?

The leave-in is packed with natural ingredients that leave all hair types smooth, bouncy and stronger with each use. It enhances your hair’s body and brings out its natural luster. If you’re looking for a leave-in to suit specific needs we have 9 different variations for blonde hair, keratin-infused hair, coily hair and more. 

As more people are practicing self-care, deep conditioning has become an essential part of our haircare routine. What are the benefits of deep conditioning and which products do you recommend? 

Deep conditioners work by penetrating the layers of the hair shaft to strengthen and condition the hair. This helps to repair the cuticle layers and ultimately reduces frizz and adds a beautiful shine. The Miracle Hair Mask is a simple-to-use conditioning treatment that enhances softness and smoothness and works for dry, damaged and over-processed hair.

What are the best practices for deep conditioning?

I believe that all hair should be deep conditioned occasionally (at least once a month”>. If you haven’t given your hair a treatment in a while or it has a dull look to it, I’d recommend that it’s time for a nice deep condition.

Its a 10 Founder Carolyn Aronson Talks Deep Conditioning and Entrepreneurship

You have a wide array of products, what are your current favorites you use and why?

My current faves are the new Coily Miracle Collection and the Miracle Blow Dry Collection. The Coily Collection was specifically made for the needs of coily hair – each product in the line works to reduce frizz, soften and seal strands so they are bouncy and moisturized. The Coily Miracle Leave-In is perfect for enhancing curls, detangling and hydrating. The Miracle Blow Dry Collection was created to keep hair silky, shiny, nourished and protected while heat styling. The Miracle Blow Dry H20 Shield is especially great – it locks out humidity and repels moisture while deep conditioning strands to preserve your style.

What can we look forward to from It’s A 10 in 2022? 

As a brand, we love to be at the forefront of innovation for all hair types. You can expect a new product collection later this year, that will help to target a problem area that many people have within their hair care routine. Stay tuned for what’s to come! 

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