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In the age of influence and opulence, creating a business from your online brand is a feat that not everyone can conquer. Meet Romance Cox who you may be more familiar with as “Hey Curlie” on social media. As a natural hair blogger and content creator hailing from Cleveland Ohio, Romance has grown to amass over 100k followers since she debuted on social media in 2014 where she aimed to change the conversation around natural hair care. She grew her platform into a space where curlies could feel motivated, inspired, and receive helpful hints to help improve their daily hair care. HeyCurlie became a brand that was synonymous with natural hair and healthy beauty regimens which Romance used to create her business, HeyCurlie hair care. She launched her first product during the height of the pandemic in 2021 and has been growing her business ever since.

I had the chance to meet her at a natural hair event here in Austin,Texas where she was sharing her entrepreneurial journey with attendees and was very inspired by the passion she has for her brand hair care. Read more about her story below!

How would you describe your natural hair experience growing up?

I had a good experience with natural hair. My hair style was limited back then but overall a good experience. I was natural until the age of 14 when I received my first relaxer. 

What was your career path or aspirations before becoming an influencer?

I worked as an executive assistant to a municipal court judge for 3 years. I really enjoyed the positive side of the judicial system and making a difference. 

You’ve started your influencer career in 2014, what was the social media landscape like then vs. now? 

Social media is totally different. It has truly evolved. In 2014 I started sharing my hair because I wanted to show women how to accomplish different looks while still being natural. It was a passion of mine and a great way to share my knowledge with the world. Now social media has become a business which has its pros and cons. But if used correctly can turn out to be a beautiful place to network.

What inspired you to start influencing and what channels did you use? 

I actually wanted to do natural hair events in my community. What’s a better way to connect with people than on social media. I’ve had 3 successful Curl Power brunches. I use Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

How did your influencer experience impact your desire to become a businesswoman? 

Being an influencer I’ve tried so many products. Some worked and some didn’t. With the amount of products that didn’t, I wanted to truly create a product that works. That’s how the Hey Curlie Revitalizer came to be. 

Tell us about HeyCurlie haircare 

Heycurlie haircare is formulated with love from high quality ingredients for the everyday curlie on the go. Our vision is to inspire and motivate Curlies to love and embrace their natural beauty and hair texture.

What challenges did you experience going from influencer to entrepreneur?

I had a smooth journey so far. The only challenge now is keeping the oil in stock. I’m so thankful to our clients, new and old.

Why did you decide to launch a revitalizer oil as your first product?

I love a good oil. I think it's the perfect styling finisher plus it helps with scalp care. So I created a 2 in 1. The results I received from using the revitalizer oil blend was amazing and I couldn’t wait to share.

What are the benefits of the revitalizer oil blend? 

Our Revitalizer Oil Blend is made with a blend of essential, nutrient-rich, intensive oil to stimulate hair growth, fights frizz, and adds shine to all hair types.

What new products can we look forward to in 2022? 

I’m looking to launch a deep conditioner late 2022.