Mother-Daughter Brand Little Gems Makes the Cutest Hair Accessories

Sparkle and shine remains at the heart of the Little Gems brand that is packed with big fun and even bigger accessories. This array of sparkly goodies was a family affair co-founded by Emmy award-winning celebrity stylist Grace Spann and her daughter Olivia who wanted to bring vibrant energy and originality back into accessories. These glitzy and fun accessories can be adorned by tiny tots and adults looking to add a little pizzazz into their styling with a variety of options like headbands, jewelry, sunshades, and satin-lined beanies. All items are thoughtfully intended to style however a naturalista prefers because Little gems remains steadfast in their support of love & the beauty of individuality.

Mother-Daughter Brand Little Gems Makes the Cutest Hair Accessories

What inspired the creation of Little Gems?

My daughter, Olivia. Her love for all things sparkly! She’s been wearing my jewelry since she was 3 years old, she especially loved all my colorful rhinestone or crystal costume pieces. Once Liv turned 5 I set out to create a fun and affordable jewelry & hair accessories line that really showcased her creativity and love for “dress up”.

If you could describe your brand in three words, what would it be?

Playful, vibrant, sparkle.

Mother-Daughter Brand Little Gems Makes the Cutest Hair Accessories

Little Gems is co-created between you and your daughter Olivia, what was the ideation process regarding the type of accessories you wanted to showcase?

Well we knew we wanted to showcase Liv’s personal style which is funky, vibrant and girly. Originally, we had only talked about designing jewelry but Liv spent so much time curating the line with me and expressed how much she wanted to see other girls with curly hair rocking Little Gems pins and hats.

Mother-Daughter Brand Little Gems Makes the Cutest Hair Accessories

How do accessories empower or inspire confidence in younger naturalistas?

I love every time we get pictures or videos from our customers with big smiles on their little ones faces while rocking their Little Gems headbands or hair pins. Liv has beautiful curly hair so we made sure to create hair accessories that went on smoothly and wouldn’t hurt or break her hair when slipping them on but still gave that WOW factor that every little one loves. We also created bright and cheerful beanies with satin lining that help protect your hair by retaining its moisture while keeping you warm and cozy! ( they are oversized- perfect for mommy and me”>

Did you encounter any learning curves or challenges in the development process of the accessories? (colors, market, size of headbands, etc.”>

Yes, we had a few challenges while creating some of the pieces. One of the biggest was adding rhinestones and crystals to our Royal Gem Headbands and figuring out how to make sure they didn’t get caught in their hair. We tried several different styles on Olivia and had our design team switch stone sizes various times to make sure they would go on as smoothly as possible. So glad we have Olivia as our fit model!

Mother-Daughter Brand Little Gems Makes the Cutest Hair Accessories

How does this collection reflect you and your daughter’s personal style?

It shows Liv’s playful and bright personality. She loves lots of color and shine. I gravitate towards statement pieces with lots of sparkle!

What can we look forward to from Little Gems in 2022?

We are launching so many new exciting pieces! New fun necklaces, cocktail rings and of course, hair accessories- think tiaras and bows ;”>

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