How Rebundle is Changing the Braiding Game with Plant-based Hair Extensions
Source: Rebundle

As the first U.S.-made plant-based braiding hair brand, Rebundle uses patent-pending, forward-thinking technology (braidbetter) to create its extensions out of recycled banana fibers. In addition, with Rebundle’s recycling program, you can send back your old synthetic braiding hair to be recycled properly – making room for this brand-new launch! 

After suffering from one-too-many itchy scalps while wearing her protective styles, founder Ciara Imani May set out on a mission to find a solution. Along the way, she educated herself on what true sustainability is, and turned over every stone to find the technology that would give your scalp and the Earth the love it deserves. Rebundle uses revolutionary technology to dramatically reduce the health and environmental disparities in the hair extensions industry. Using repurposed biopolymers and naturally extracted banana fiber, each strand of hair is plant-based and sustainably made for more comfort and less waste. We sat down with Ciara to learn more about Rebunde, sustainable hair care, and how she’s partnering with braiders all over the country.

What inspired the name of your business?

I actually didn’t name the company. My friend Jessie, while working together during Venture for America’s side project-athon in 2019, came up with the idea for the name Rebundle. I wanted the name to reflect something about hair or the hair extensions industry in general and for it to tie into sustainability, which is exactly what she was able to come up with. It was a fun serendipitous moment that resonated with everyone, and we stuck with it.

Did you have prior experience with sustainable products before creating Rebundle?

My experience with sustainable products extends through my own efforts of researching sustainable alternatives and adopting a conscious consumer mindset. I was really inspired by the zero waste movement and had questions about how I could incorporate some of those ideas into my everyday routine, which is how I landed on the idea for rebundle initially. 

One of my favorite hobbies is looking for sustainable alternatives in my clothing, accessories, personal care products, and pretty much anything in between. I keep a detailed record of brands that are sustainable in some way and make an effort to exclusively purchase items from them and tell my friends and family about these great finds.

How Rebundle is Changing the Braiding Game with Plant-based Hair Extensions
Source: Rebundle

Why was it important to include a braider dictionary for customers? 

I really wanted to think outside of the box about every touch point we have with how and where we buy hair, what influences these purchases, who installs the hair, and what makes for a great customer experience. I did a lot of initial customer discovery with braiders and recognized that they would always be either a gatekeeper or partners, and I decided to make them partners and make sure that they felt heard and included not only in the product development process but in our business model as a whole. Today, we have over 40 braiders in our directory spanning across the country, some of which we’ve worked with on photoshoots and publications and others who give us really good ideas and feedback on the product.

How do you see the future of haircare changing with sustainable products and technology?

The future of hair extensions looks like Rebundle. Consumers will begin further demanding that the environment, the planet, and people are all equally taken into consideration when watching a product and developing a brand. This extends true for hair extensions as well and is likely overdue, so we see a world in which hair extensions will only get better.

How Rebundle is Changing the Braiding Game with Plant-based Hair Extensions
Source: Rebundle

Why is Rebundle a better alternative for your scalp? 

braidbetter is better for your scalp because it is certified microbiome friendly, made with biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients that have been tested for toxins, such as formaldehyde.

What can we look forward to from Rebundle in 2023?  

You can expect to see a Rebundle in a lot of fun and cool places like festivals, on TV shows, and on TikTok. We’re really focused on what brand awareness looks like for a product like ours that gives us the opportunity to not only educate but to inspire people to want better for themselves and better for the environment.

Have you tried Rebundle hair extensions? Let us know what colors you’ll be buying!

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