These Products Were Made to Fight Hair Loss from Weaves & Color Damage

Jesseca Dupart is a force to be reckoned with. In 2014, she re-launched her Atlanta Salon after experiencing a devastating fire and included her new product line Kaleidoscope Hair Products which were designed to help her clients who were experiencing hair loss due to weaves and color damage. Her four staple products, including her best-selling Miracle Drops grew her multi-million-dollar business to legendary proportions and the rest is history. The brand has received celebrity endorsements from Tina, Angela Yee, Monica, Christina Milian, and Blac Chyna to name a few. Kaleidoscope is one of the fastest growing brands in the haircare industry, slated to double in size and door count this year alone – with new retail partnerships (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and more”> and a new, highly-anticipated haircare collection launching in March. We sat down with Jesseca to talk about her entrepreneurial journey, hair growth tips, and her relationship with her faith.

Tell us about your relationship with your hair growing up?

From a young age, around 7, I remember cutting and styling my dolls’ hair. A fond childhood memory I have is sitting on my dad’s back with his head full of barrettes. He would let me play around with his hair all the time. After that while in middle school and high school, I started doing my friends’ hair along with my own.

How would you describe your entrepreneurial journey to creating Kaleidoscope?

Crazy! That’s the best way to describe the whirlwind now known as Kaleidoscope. What started as something I was offering to my clients (I was a hairstylist for over 20 years”> became something that retired me from behind the chair. Learning to leverage social media while offering products that work was perfect synergy for growth. Taking over social by storm over the years was FUN because it let me be creative in my own unapologetic way.

You reopened your business in 2014, what were some business strategies you applied to the new salon?

  • Being fiscally responsible was paramount – finding a better option for some of the things I may have purchased prior.
  • Marketing that is disruptive – instead of traditional marketing I opted into things like funny spoofs, remakes of music videos, driving an educational point of what our product does but in an entertaining way.
  • Also letting go of any fear!

These Products Were Made to Fight Hair Loss from Weaves & Color Damage

Ingredients are a staple of any haircare, what types of ingredients did you source for your products?

I sourced many natural ingredients that promote blood circulation in the scalp to help with hair growth and overall hair health, such as Coconut Milk, Aloe Vera, and Castor Oil.

Your best-product is the miracle drops which focus on hair growth. What was the inspiration for this line and production process like?

Because our customers love the Miracle Drops (Original, Extra Strength and Coconut”> and we already have the Miracle Drops in our edge pomade and leave in conditioner, it was a natural next step to extend the collection. I figured this was the best way to conquer two of the most common hair concerns – length retention and lack of moisture – all at once.

Hair growth is an essential focus for your brand and products, what has your experience been with hair growth?

Like many, I have colored my hair multiple times, and for the most part I am able to bounce back. It was the last time I colored my hair in particular that almost forced me to transition to be fully natural. It has been quite an exciting journey growing out my curls. During this time I did a lot of research to develop the perfect formulation for the Miracle Drops Collection.

These Products Were Made to Fight Hair Loss from Weaves & Color Damage

What are three tips would you provide to women looking to grow their hair out this season? 

  1. I am an advocate of hydration, so one drink A LOT of water while taking your KaleidoGrow Vitamins daily, and apply the Miracle Drops every other day. 
  2. It is super important to remember to use low tension protective styles during the spring and summer. 
  3. Whether relaxed or natural, remember to get your ends trimmed regularly.

What would be the holy grail products for first time customers to your brand and why? 

The holy grail of Kaleidoscope Hair Products would be Miracle Drops (Original”>, Miracle Drops Edge Pomade (for a full and sleek hairline”>, and Miracle Drops Leave-In (perfect on all hair types and extensions”>.

Philanthropy and faith remain at the cornerstone of the brand and who you are as businesswoman, how has this impacted how you approach business?

My whole business is rooted in my faith, and I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by other believers as well. I will never take it lightly that God has blessed me to be in the position I am in, so in turn, I do my best to bless others in whatever capacity that may be. I approach many of my business and personal decisions in prayer first. When I created the #praythroughtheprocess movement it was not because I wanted a cute hashtag, but it was my way of encouraging myself and others to remember to keep their faith rooted in God, and to know your today does not have to be your tomorrow.

What can we look forward to from your brand in 2022?

You can look forward to major growth and visibility for Kaleidoscope in 2022! We have more than doubled our distribution in retail this year. In addition to our partnerships with Walmart, Target, and Sally Beauty, Kaleidoscope Hair Products is now in CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid (June 2022″>.

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